Top-Tier Football Club

TDSi Provides Access Control for Top-Tier UK Football Club.

The Overview

A top-tier UK professional association football club required greater integration and automation of the access control system, to aid operations – not only on match days but also during general quieter periods.

80+ Doors

Integration with CCTV

EXgarde Web

The Requirement

The club was keen to fully utilise the latest integrated access control systems from TDSi and take advantage of the enhanced functionality. It identified the requirement for highly secure, reliable and easy-to-use card readers to ensure areas that need to be excluded from unauthorised people could be kept safe and secure at all times.

To complement the integrated access control, the club also decided to introduce ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition) at the two, vehicle barriers at its ground. This would enable players, staff and those authorised to access disabled parking to do so unhindered, at the same time protecting against intrusion.

Furthermore, it would also remove the need for a member of the security team to operate the gate meaning their skills could be utilised elsewhere on busy match days.

The Solution

Working with the club, during phase one of the project, one of TDSi’s authorised installers Onetec, installed the latest controllers, updated the security management software and ensured the whole system met the needs of a busy site.

The second phase involved the integration of the recently installed vehicle barriers with access control and other security systems, including deploying ANPR cameras and a reader. These were linked to TDSi’s EXgarde Web software (using its new ANPR functionality), which oversees all the security systems and provides full visibility of the site to the security and management teams.

Onetec also installed TDSi’s powerful new GARDiS MIFARE card readers to secure 80 doors around the site, ensuring only authorised personnel are granted access to sensitive areas.

The Result

Onetec and TDSi have provided the Club with a robust and reliable ANPR solution that directly integrates with TDSi’s EXgarde Web. This ensures that all vehicles/occupants looking to access the site are automatically checked against the central security database. The security team has the ability to manage these privileges at a moment’s notice.

The new system integrates and manages internal access controls, which is particularly useful on match days when the stadium is often at full capacity and security teams have even more of a challenge in maintaining safety and security at the site.

Dave Feast, Director at Onetec comments, “This is a highly secure but also practical and convenient solution for the club and its employees. Staff now have one MIFARE card for the whole building instead of the two or three cards used before.”

A spokesperson for the club commented, “Onetec has fitted a fully integrated TDSi security system which benefits the safety of players, fans and visitors, as well as enabling our security teams and staff to ensure our site operates at full efficiency without compromising on security.