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Stepping up to provide the best solution to the latest security challenges, GARDiS Access Control Software is a browser-based application that provides the most cutting-edge solution in the market. Accessible through an internet browser, the GARDiS Software doesn’t require specialist equipment - providing cost-saving benefits to you. In addition, the reduced requirement for software configuration saves on time.

Both the design and development have been innovated by customer feedback, which specified a simple and straightforward platform that requires minimal training. GARDiS software delivers the same level of security insight as previous software solutions, however, the ability to update the firmware is now built-in to the GARDiS Software UI.

GARDiS runs as a service, working autonomously without the need for management. The intuitive nature of the software makes it easy to troubleshoot, reducing the chance of customers incurring call-out costs. Coupled with a reliable and robust design; the GARDiS software is a desirable offering that requires minimal training and maintenance.

GARDiS PRO has all the capabilities of the GARDiS EXpress software with the opportunity for optional module licenses to be added such as site lockdown, fire door release, lift control, ANPR, T&A, REST API, and 3rd party integrations.


Scalable from 20 Doors

1 Organisation (Additional licenses can be purchased)

Unlimited Users

1 Site (Additional licenses can be purchased)

TDSi Part Number 4420-3001
Doors 20
Sites 1
Organisations 1
Event Log 45 Days
Keyholders Unlimited
Single Installation Yes
Track and Trace Yes
Site Lockdown* Yes – Requires additional paid license
Fire Door Release* Yes – Requires additional paid license
Area Occupancy* Yes – Requires additional paid license
Lift Control* Yes – Requires additional paid license
ANPR Integration* Yes – Requires additional paid license
Time & Attendance Integration* Yes – Requires additional paid license
REST API* Yes – Requires additional paid license
3rd Party Integrations* Yes – Requires additional paid license

  • Single installation – reduces overall costs of hours and equipment required for installation
  • Minimal Training – simplified system set-up and registration
  • Suitable for multiple sites – incorporates the GARDiS Controller range plus the existing MG & EX ranges.
  • The intuitive nature of the software makes it easy to troubleshoot, reducing call-out costs
  • GARDiS runs as a service, working autonomously without the need for management by a user.
  • TDSi’s product range is known for its reliability, which means the product requires little maintenance.
  • GARDiS software delivers the same level of security insight as previous software solutions
  • The ability to update the firmware is now built-in through the GARDiS Software UI.
  • Featuring Track and Trace which assists in tracking and tracing people within an organisation who have come into contact with a co-worker who identifies themselves as being infected by COVID-19.

GARDiS PRO Licenses: 

Site Lockdown: Instantly locks selected doors to prevent entry (which is particularly useful in protecting people and property in schools, colleges, and universities).

Fire Door Release: Enables the end user to configure an instant input to unlock configured doors.

Lift Control: An end user can configure a GARDiS Controller and I/O units to be used to control floor access within a lift.

Area Occupancy: End users can monitor the number of people within areas. Additional features include the ability to rest an area or individual’s occupancy and barring access to areas once limits have been reached.

3rd Party GARDiS PRO Integration Licenses: 

REST API: Allows customers and providers to integrate 3rd party systems seamlessly with our systems.

SimonsVoss IP Locks: The SimonsVoss electronic door handle combines intelligent access control functions with an elegant, ergonomic design. Behind its slim, flat exterior lies highly innovative technology. Through utilising hubs, it can operate multiple wireless handle sets to allow access and remote door release.

Assa Abloy IP Locks: Aperio is the smart technology by Assa Abloy that enables a range of electronic locks to be wirelessly linked to a TDSi access control system. It uses battery-powered electronic locking devices with integrated RFID card readers. The integration gives the ability to grant access and remote release a door based on the system’s decision.

ANPR: Number plate recognition in collaboration with Hikvision ANPR camera acting as a Wiegand reader. The software will allow the end-user to add a car registration to the system to be used for access control.

Time and Attendance: This 3rd party integration with Thinking Software’s RotaOne time and attendance platform allows end-users to simplify shift planning, ensure accuracy of payroll, and maximises the efficiency of absence management.

CCTV: In addition, ORBNET Systems newly integrate to GARDiS using the Milestone MIPSDK and GARDiS REST API. This enables Milestone Smart Clients to receive GARDiS Events and to acknowledge alarms back to GARDiS.


GARDiS 2.5 Release

Pelco VideoXpert VMS Integration

    • Live view of cameras within GARDiS
    • Sends bookmarks to Pelco system
  • Suprema Biostar Integration
    • Connect Suprema Readers to TDSi ACUs
    • Enrolment of fingerprint and facial
    • Uses Suprema’s G-SDK for communication to Suprema readers
    • Distributes templates to readers
    • Fingerprint on card enrolment
  • Hikvision Hikcentral Integration
    • Manage Hikvision CCTV devices and TDSi Access Control devices from a single platform
    • Control TDSi’s doors and check status in real time via HikCentral Professional’s eMap
    • Intuitive user interface and flexible configuration via Hikvision Optimus
    • Data synchronisation between HikCentral Professional and GARDiS Software
    • Flexible event linkage between TDSi’s doors and Hikvision CCTV products
    • HikCentral functionalities linked to GARDiS access point actions
    • TDSi access point alarm history can be searched and reviewed
  • Interlocking
  • Local Anti-Passback
  • Default access levels by Department
  • Bulk People Updater – Bulk deletes people, bulk assign people to department, bulk forgive/reset APB, bulk Reset Area
  • Schedule against GARDiS Controller Egress Id Points
  • Allow end user to customise Input and Output Names
  • Import people feature allows updates of existing people and mapping of additional info fields
  • Live updates to people list of location and reset button
  • New permission to only allow user to see people in their department

For a complete history of the additions, feature updates and integrations added to GARDiS Software over time, please see our Changelog Document. For detailed information on GARDiS Integrations, please visit our Software Integrations page.

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