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EXgarde is a fully-featured Access Management PC software application that combines an extremely intuitive graphical user interface, with powerful integration capabilities. Supporting multiple doors as standard and providing the option to extend this with an unlimited door license, EXgarde meets the needs of even the largest access control networks. With EXgarde, integration and expansion are achievable outcomes, providing numerous possibilities to integrate with the latest CCTV and biometric technologies.


32 Doors (additional doors can be purchased)

4 Workstations



TDSi Part No. 4420-2080
Doors 32*
Workstation 1**
Tenant 1***
Event Log User-Defined(PRO & Enterprise Only)
Keyholders Unlimited (PRO & Enterprise Only)
Site Plan Unlimited (PRO & Enterprise Only)
Badge Design Unlimited (PRO & Enterprise Only)
Alarm Zones Unlimited (PRO & Enterprise Only)
Alarm Procedures Yes (PRO & Enterprise Only)
Counters Yes (PRO & Enterprise Only)
Netcams Yes (PRO & Enterprise Only)
Intruder Optional (PRO & Enterprise Only)
Lift Controls Optional (PRO & Enterprise Only)
Biometrics TDSi
EXporter Yes (PRO & Enterprise Only)
EXpostoffice Optional (PRO)
EXvisitor Optional (PRO)
Control Keys Yes (PRO & Enterprise Only)
Multicard Yes (PRO & Enterprise Only)
EXtour Optional (PRO & Enterprise Only)
3rd Party Integration Optional (PRO & Enterprise Only)
Milestone Integration / ACM Optional (PRO & Enterprise Only)
Zone Anti-passback Optional (PRO)
Elevator Dispatch Module Optional (PRO & Enterprise Only)
EXgarde Web Optional (PRO & Enterprise Only)
Mantrap Yes (PRO & Enterprise Only)
Compatible TDSi Controllers EXcel, EXpert, MICROgarde (PRO & Enterprise Only)

*Additional door options can be purchased in multiples of 32
** Up to 25 maximum optional
***Unlimited optional

  • In-built wizard for common tasks guides the operator through key operations, making use of the software
  • Configurable, automated database backup facility
  • Communication via TCP/IP, dial-up, and GSM modems
  • Context-sensitive help system to assist the operator at the point that help is required
  • Automatic fire door release function
  • Custom site graphics with animated icons
  • Advanced prioritised alarm handling
  • Personal image capture and photo ID badge design and print with visual verification
  • Integration capability with leading DVR and biometric reader manufacturers
  • IP camera connectivity allows the display of live video feeds from any IP camera
  • Third-party integrations are available

EXgarde PRO Integration Modules
EXtour: EXgarde PRO’s EXtour module provides you with the ability to pre-define specific security tours utilising the existing access control readers. Each tour defines the order the readers should be visited, along with a set time that they should be checked. Real-time alarms indicate if a specific tour point has not been reached in case of an emergency.

EXvisitor: EXgarde PRO’s EXvisitor module enables an organisation to manage and track visitors and their hosts across a site. Visitors can be quickly and easily enrolled on spec or in advance. Visitors can be matched with hosts and the whereabouts of both are monitored and reported in real-time.
EXporter: Allow live events from EXgarde to be exported to file, database, or serial port. No license is needed.

EXimport: Allow keyholders to be mass inserted into the EXgarde system. No license is required.

EXpostoffice: EXgarde PRO’s EXnotify module provides a simple and effective method of communicating events to your security and management personnel using email alerts. This provides an effective method of informing the relevant people of critical information when it occurs, such as door forced alarms.

EXfusion: Allow 3rd party integrators to insert keyholder data into the EXgarde system via scripts inserted into a database. An integration/fusion license is required.

EXgarde Web Interface for EXgarde PRO / Express: EXgarde Web provides a web browser front end for the core operational functions that are typically used with an Access Control system, such as user and card management. By utilising a web browser this functionality can be accessed from any computer connected to the system whilst also providing a secure login with operator credentials.

EXsync: Allow 3rd party integrators to insert keyholder data into the database by polling a specified file. Integration/fusion license required.

EXgarde SDK: Allow 3rd party integrators to interact with the EXgarde system via a c# library. Integration/Fusion license required.

EXgarde PRO 3rd Party Integration Modules

Milestone ACM: The additional functionality makes EXgarde even more flexible, adding enhanced integration with Milestone’s powerful ACM which allows operators to use Milestone as their primary user interface, whilst maintaining full access control via the EXgarde software.

Suprema: EXgarde supports integration to Suprema BioEntry W2 devices. Enrol fingerprint templates through the EXgarde software and distribute templates to the required biometric readers.

IDEMIA: Idemia Biobridge allows a person to be transferred from the Access Control system to Idemia’s biometric system. When a person is added, updated, or removed from the Access Control software, it will automatically update biometric units using Biobridge.

Texecom: Continuing TDSi’s view of making integration seamless, integration of Intruder Alarm Panels is now capable of using true TCP/IP integration between the alarm panel and EXgarde to provide a comprehensive view of the alarm system and zone states from the EXgarde Management Software.

OTIS Elevator Dispatch Module: By incorporating EXgarde software with the OTIS module the user can integrate a lift system into a smart building network. This produces a more environmentally friendly installation that is economical to run.

ANPR CCTV Integration: The ANPR service is a cost-saving integration by TDSi that can automatically generate and validate a key that has been entered into EXgarde, using a person’s vehicle registration. Utilising HIK Vision’s ANPR Camera, a keyholders license plate then acts as a card.

EXgarde 4.5 Software Datasheet


EXgarde PC Specification

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