C4L Internet Service Provider

Integrated Access Control Solution for Leading Internet Service Provider


Established in 2000, C4L has grown rapidly and now has over 25 data centres across the UK and in Europe. This rapid growth led to the company moving to new, high specification offices in County Gates Elouse, located in the commercial heart of Bournemouth.

CCTV Integration

EXcel 4 Controllers

EXgarde PRO Software

The Requirement

Given the sensitive nature of its business (hosting and processing data for thousands of customers around the world) C4L, required a high specification security system to protect its building and assets.

This highly secure system, would integrate elements of both access control and CCTV monitoring, whilst complementing the modern and clean design of the new offices.

The Solutiuon

The solution developed by TDSI and CSG employs a combination of Optica readers together with EXcel 4 controllers and the company’s integrated access management software, EXgarde PRO.

The EXcel controller is ideal for mid-to large-scale applications such as this; with each unit controlling up to four readers, the whole system provides a flexible, cost-effective solution to meet C4L’s requirements.

TDSi’ s Optica readers were specified, not only for their performance and operational benefits but also because of the unit’s modern design. With a blue LED, back-lit keypad, the reader meets the design principles for the office interior (which features floor to ceiling glass panelled offices – also with blue LED back-lighting).

The Result

C4L now have an access control system that can connect to modern IT networks, simplifying installation and commissioning.

With a high-capacity database for up to 18,000 users, the system also provides great expansion capability and system flexibility to meet C4L’s future needs.

This high-performance access control system delivers a seamless, fully-integrated security solution with the dedicated Micro’s DS2 multiplexer that controls the CCTV system.