GARDiS Bluetooth Readers

Make your access control both secure and much more instinctive. The GARDiS Bluetooth Low Energy Readers bring the access badge to your Android and IOS smartphones. It can work alongside, extend or replace traditional RFID access credentials. The smart solution includes a free mobile app, the latest generation of multi-technologies Bluetooth readers plus offline and online programming tools.

Choose your identification mode to make your access controls both secure and much more instinctive:

  • Card mode: Place your smartphone in front of the reader as a standard card
  • Remote mode: Press and enter! Activate remote control mode to remotely check you access points
  • Slide mode:* Your hand becomes a card that you always have on you, without needing to take out your smartphone.
  • Hands-free mode: Just walk past the reader – there’s nothing else to do
  • Tap Tap mode: You can open a door by tapping your smartphone twice in your pocket for close or remote access
  • Siri mode: Use SIRI voice command on iOS to instruct the door to open.

*Function available for Square Variant Reader only, not Mullion.

These 5 smart identification modes thanks to patented technology can differentiate between access points depending on the distance. This means that multiple GARDiS Bluetooth Low Energy Readers can be installed in the same area.