Zaituna Bay Waterfront Marina

TDSi Secures Zaituna Bay Waterfront Marina in Beirut


Lebanon’s largest city Beruit has seen several developments including the newly opened Zaitunay Bay waterfront marina, which was looking for a highly secure access control system to protect the entire complex and cater for a high turnover of visitors (keyholders).

80+ Doors

500+ Users

EXgarde PRO Software

The Requirement

The Zaitunay Bay Hotel offers guests a high degree of luxury in which inevitably comes with its own set of security risks.

To address the potential security issues, Zaitunay Bay’s development company turned to Polaris Automation Systems, a complete security solutions provider, to specify and install a comprehensive, intelligent and highly secure access control system.

Polaris Automation Systems specified access control specialist TDSi’s range of solutions as the ideal and preferred systems to protect the hotel and surrounding complex.

The Solution

TDSi’s solution allowed for full integration of access control locks and readers – making sure security personnel were quickly notified of any potential intrusion. This allowed for a rapid response and protected against any potential threat.

In total 83 doors were added to the access control system installed by Polaris Automation Systems. The facility has over 500 users who are granted access by TDSi’s EXprox card readers, which offer robust and reliable contactless authorisation.

In turn, the access control network of readers use TDSi’s MICROgarde II access control unit to control each doorway and report back to the EXgarde PRO installed in the central control room. To keep installation simple and fully integrated, Polaris Automation Systems also specified and fitted TDSi TCP/IP converters.

The Results

Polaris Automation Systems’ Head of Sales, Maroun Nassif said, “Using TDSi’s products gives the flexibility to control and manage access remotely across the complex from a key control room, especially in sensitive areas such as the VIP rooms and apartments.

From an installer’s point of view, we already know that TDSi offers superb integrated systems – but they also offer ease of installation and integration with all other building services systems (such as Home Automation, environmental, CCTV and biometric entry technologies).”