Ty Admiral

Sovereign installs the first-ever lift destination system with TDSi in Wales at Ty Admiral head office.


Sovereign Fire & Security completed a state of the art building management system at Ty Admiral in Cardiff. The new access control and lift destination system reduces time spent by staff queuing and improves the efficiency of people getting to their work floor.

5,000 Cardholders

Lift Integration

EXgarde Software

The Requirement

The system, which has been developed together with TDSi and the lift manufacturer OTIS, is the first one of its kind in the UK. Admiral is one of the largest employers in South Wales and has recently moved to their new HQ, Ty Admiral in Cardiff, with a capacity of approximately 5,000 people.

Admiral recognised there was a problem with staff waiting for lifts at break times, lunchtimes and other busy times of the day; resulting in hundreds of human resource hours being wasted each week.

Therefore Admiral commissioned Sovereign Fire and Security to install an access control and lift destination system into the design of their premises, Sovereign has been working on the new system with developer and manufacturer of integrated security and access control systems, TDSi.

The Solution

Previously upon entry employees would call the lift and choose the floor they needed. With the new integrated system, once the employee presents a card to the access control reader at the secure speed gate, a message is sent to the system, and an LCD screen then displays the lift number that the employee needs to enter.

The lift will be set to their destination and the system will also send anyone entering the building who needs to go to the same floor, to the same lift. This saves time not having to stop at each floor.

The new lift destination system will have the added benefit of making the company more environmentally friendly by saving electricity consumed and improve time-management.

The Result

Managing Director at Sovereign Fire and Security said:

“Our company is leading the way in innovation to help businesses become more efficient through clever business management systems using the latest technology. The new access control and lift destination system at Ty Admiral is a great example of how technology can be used with security systems to enable the business to run more effectively, Ty Admiral’s system also has the added benefit of being more energy efficient and decreasing time wasted on breaks.”