University of Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth is a world-class institution that can trace its roots back to 1908. Since 2005 it has invested in a programme of continuous campus improvements.

The Overview

In 2014 the university was looking to install a wireless battery-operated access control solution for the student residences, as part of a Fire Door replacement programme. Graham Giles, Director of the University’s security partner, Network Security, made an initial enquiry with SimonsVoss Technologies regarding a possible solution.

600+ Doors

750 Wireless Locking Doors

EXgarde Software

The Requirement

After a successful trial of SimonsVoss Technologies’ proprietary solution, the University specified the ideal solution would also need to integrate with its existing TDSi EXgarde security management software system.

With the University rolling out the door replacement programme, it wanted to extend its existing TDSi solution to include these doors. The previous system utilised a separate solution, which resulted in additional time and cost to manage it in parallel with the EXgarde solution.

The University’s requirement was for each bedroom and kitchen within its Harry Law Hall and Bateson Hall accommodation blocks to have a battery-operated electronic handle set.

The Solution

TDSi incorporated SmartIntego handles and cylinders, with the first 125 handles installed over the 2014/2015 Christmas holiday.

The online access control solution included 600+ hardwired doors and over 750 SimonsVoss SmartIntego battery operated electronic handle sets.

Each SmartIntego electronic handle set communicates with a gateway node which is directly connected to the University’s network and communicates with EXgarde on the University Server.

The Result

The installation cost of switching to a battery-operated solution was greatly reduced from a traditional hardwired solution, whilst still maintaining the important features associated with the functionality of a hardwired solution.

The replacement doors were prepared at the factory in readiness for the SmartIntego handles to be rapidly fitted by Network Security once the doors were installed on site. This meant a phased delivery programme could be implemented with minimal disruption to the University’s operations

Sean Edwards concluded, “Network Security, TDSi and SimonsVoss Technologies Ltd worked together as partners to create a powerful, reliable and highly usable access control solution capable of managing hundreds of doors and thousands of users over multiple sites across a city, from a central location, all in real-time.”