Arts University Bournemouth

Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) is a higher education university that specialises in arts, performance, design and media. It is one of a small number of higher education institutions in the UK devoted solely to these courses - enjoying a strong reputation worldwide.


As a compact institution with over 3,000 students based on one campus, AUB runs a number of its student accommodation facilities along with the myriad of private accommodation options available to students in the popular seaside town.

The latest student accommodation developed by AUB is located in the Lansdowne area of Bournemouth, which by offering 370 rooms is also its largest accommodation facility.

To ensure the security and authorised student access to the facility, AUB turned to expert security installer Network Security and specialist developer and manufacturer TDSi.

500+ Users

MICROgarde I & II Controllers

EXprox & PANELgarde Readers

EXgarde PRO


The Requirement

With the brand-new accommodation blocks under development, AUB, the site developers, and the facilities management team wanted expert advice on potential security solutions. These solutions needed to offer the best combination of protection, user-friendly access, and value for money.

Network Security drew up detailed suggestions to protect the facilities, residents, staff, and visitors – whilst making it simple for authorised persons to enter and leave the buildings with minimum disruption.

The accommodation blocks were designed to enhance the shared living and communal areas, so access control needed to reflect this as well as guard against unauthorised trespassers.

With a 40 minute walk to the main campus, many students cycle to reduce travel time. The solution needed to allow simple authorised access to a secure external area used to safely store bicycles and prevent their potential theft.

The Requirement

The Solution

Network Security specified and installed TDSi systems to provide a full access control system. Starting at the main entrance, TDSi’s PANELgarde access control readers were used to activate automated doors.

For access to each housing block and cluster of flats, Network Security installed TDSi’s EXprox card readers.

The TDSI MICROgarde I and MICROgarde II controllers facilitated the controlled access to secure doors, working with the readers and reporting back to the centrally hosted TDSI EXgarde PRO security software.

The EXgarde PRO management software integrated the different security components through a central, intuitive Windows-based IT portal.

Additionally, EXgarde PRO could give detailed reports of access by area and time, so if a situation occurs (such as theft or vandalism) AUB staff could conduct a full investigation in collaboration with surveillance systems.

The Result

As a new facility, security needed to be installed at the Madeira Road site as a priority. TDSi’s PANELgarde and EXprox readers provided highly secure, reliable, user-friendly access to the facilities. They also allowed AUB to use the flexible and cost-effective MIFARE card, which could also be used on campus for vending machine payments and library registration.

Controlled access provided students with peace of mind from knowing their living quarters and possessions were protected.

Jacqui Olive, Facilities Manager for the AUB Madeira Road site commented, “We needed a solution that fully secured the student accommodation and protected their property and individual safety. These buildings are the term-time home for many students so they need to be readily accessible.

The TDSi security solution successfully guards the facilities, as well as ensures students and authorised visitors and personnel can easily move around the buildings. We are proud to encourage friendly, social interaction amongst the residents which is highly conducive to the creative nature and friendly atmosphere of our university.”

The Result