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Track & Trace in EXgarde

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TDSi has been looking at ways to give companies peace of mind as we come out of lockdown, and to this end, we have developed an innovative application for our EXgarde Access Management Software.

Track & Trace will assist in the tracking and tracing of people within an organisation who have come into contact with a co-worker who identifies themselves as being infected, and thus assist in containing the spread of COVID-19.

With this new innovation we are looking to equip organisations, who have a duty of care toward their employees, with an enhanced ability to ensure that staff members are quickly notified of any risk they might be under, enabling them to submit themselves for testing etc.. This approach is all about creating safer working environments post lockdown.

What is Track & Trace in EXgarde? 

This Track & Trace tool is installed in the EXgarde software, working alongside your existing version and hardware meaning minimal software updates are required. Note: We recommend using the latest version of EXgarde software (4.5.2).

Track and Trace Features

  • Identifying who an infected person has been in contact with and preventing them from infecting others.
  • Allowing you to review key-holders that have used readers within a set time frame of a person who has been identified as contagious.
  • Allowing the end user to select whether to return only key-holders or key-holders and the readers that have been touched.

EXgarde Features

  • Within EXgarde you can quickly see how many occupants are within an area.
  • You can see all the access events by a particular key-holder.
  • You can use it to get notifications of events and limit it to specified key-holders.

Track & Trace Software

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The Track and Trace module is easy to use and will allow you to track key-holders that have used readers within a set timeframe of a person who has been identified as infectious. View the User Manual to preview the module.  Alternatively you can download the datasheet or view a walk-through of the tool below. 


Download via the Product Registration Site

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