RF Receiver


An extremely cost-effective RF long-range reader that delivers exceptional read ranges. Using two-button key-fobs that transmit a unique and highly secure encrypted code to a receiving unit, this solution is ideally suited to vehicular control (such as a car park) where it remotely opens the barrier.

The system allows the connection of two receiver channels to the access control unit, providing the ability to control two access control points through one 2-button fob.

TDSi Part No. 5012-0200 (Receiver)
Dimensions 85 x 65 x 32 mm
Material ABS Plastic
Operating Environment -40 °C to +50 °C, 0 to 95 %RH (non-condensing)
Power supply 9 – 25V dc @ 300mA Max
Operating frequency 433.92 MHz
RF Signal Type Code Hopping (KeeloqTM) AM ASK
Output channels 4
Output Options Shunt selectable
INT 10k pull up to 5V DC
REMOVED Open collector
EXT +5V DC out terminal active for user selectable external pull ups
Reverse polarity protection Yes (diode)
Output formats Wiegand 26 bit
Coding combinations 4.2 billion

  • Long range – Up to 100m range provides effective use in all applications allowing easy installation of the receiver in a secure location.
  • Simple programming – Easy to program new and additional fobs to existing receivers.
  • Optional proximity fob – Use the fob on your access control system using standard proximity readers.
  • Secure code hopping encryption

RF Receiver Fobs


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