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About TDSi's Privacy Policy 

It's a good idea to check out a website's Privacy Policy before entering any personal information to see what happens to your data. You can rest assured that here on TDSi's website your information is SAFE.

We know we have certain obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the newly incorporated GDPR Compliance requirement of 2018, so we take good care to comply at all times with this and all relevant UK and EU laws.

We understand the issues and concerns surrounding the use of personal data in business, so we maintain very high standards and are accountable to you at all times.

Please find below an evolving selection of GDPR compliance documents for your viewing. These will be routinely checked and updated in accordance with Data Protection and GDPR laws. 


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If you would like to request specific information relating to the personal data we hold on file for you, or if you have general questions about GDPR and TDSi's compliance, please get in touch by either post or email  

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