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A full range of CCTV hardware is available in the VUgarde range ensuring our partners can select the very best equipment to build their required security solution.

Having such a wide range of IP cameras in our portfolio of products ensures we have the match for your project no matter what the performance specifications demand. These cameras are supplemented by a wide range of lenses, housings and brackets.

Our range also includes a selection of client and server machines both tower and rack-mounted so that our clients can balance performance against cost.

Starter kits are available enabling a cost-effective way of purchasing entry-level VUgarde systems, please refer to the VUgarde2 CCTV kit datasheet for more information.

To reduce network infrastructure costs, the VUgarde range also includes POE injectors to make installations easy, logical and cost-effective. VUgarde 2 VMS has in-built bandwidth, FPS and resolution control to reduce network and storage impact. The PRO edition has an unlimited number of remote connections to allow an authorised user to view both live and recorded images in either a full or thin client format.

  • VUgarde includes a full range of IP cameras.
  • To maximise the return of current investment a range of video encoders and video capture cards allows the retention and connection of existing analogue cameras.
  • USB keyboards allow users to easily control full functional cameras.
  • A wide range of client and server hardware is available in both tower and rack formats.


  • Select the correct cameras for all types of applications
  • Select the correct hardware for all types of projects
  • Intelligent application and OS system monitoring to minimise downtime
  • Edge VCA reduces server load and improves bandwidth consumption whilst alerting operators of an incident
  • All leading cameras are currently supported ensuring our clients can select their preferred IP device
  • Seamlessly integrate analogue cameras into a new IP system maximising return on existing investment
  • A wide range of IP cameras
  • A range of server & client hardware
  • A range of video encoders and video capture cards
  • IP Cameras and Encoders include optional VCA
  • VUgarde2 integrates directly with over 1300+ devices from over 85 manufacturers
  • Integral watchdog monitors system performance

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