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VUgarde2 ANPR

VUgarde 2 ANPR is an automatic number plate recognition application and is an optional module that works with the Vugarde2 VMS server. This application meets the needs of our clients who have the specific need to detect, recognise and register vehicle number plates. Vugarde2 ANPR Recognises number plates from over 50 countries.

VUgarde2 ANPR

VUgarde2 ANPR is ideally suited for vehicle access control applications and has a high performance recognition engine with a low error rate and has a powerful search tool for quick and convenient registered number plate search and browsing.


  • Reduce capital expenditure by utilising existing cameras
  • Fast and reliable processing of number plates
  • Minimal training required for operators
  • Reduced hardware costs by utilising only one server
  • Expand your system as needed
  • Smooth integration with other software packages
  • View photo snapshots based on database search
  • Quickly identify number plates of interest
  • Reduce server load by smart processing of video feed
  • Data archived for any future requirements
  • Utilise Existing CCTV infrastructure
  • High performance recognition engine
  • Easy to user GUI
  • Simultaneous multiple video streams processing
  • Recognise license plates from over 50 countries
  • No imposed limitation on number of cameras
  • Interfaces with external applications and devices
  • Quick and efficient registered number plates search and browsing
  • Support for local and remote ‘white’ and ‘black’ lists
  • Camera position and recognition area adjustment to optimize system load
  • Stores recognized number plates and snapshots on local and central database

VUGarde2 ANPR Express

Vugarde2 ANPR PRO

Number of channels




The following items are available with both editions of VUgarde ANP

  • High performance recognition engine with low error rate
  • Multitude of supported IP and analogue cameras
  • Intuitive user interface for setup, monitoring and data retrieval
  • Simultaneous multiple video streams processing
  • Software camera position adjustment
  • Recognition area adjustment to optimize system load
  • Lighting condition adaptive algorithm
  • Support for local and remote unlimited ‘white’ and ‘black’ lists
  • Interface to external applications and devices
  • Stores recognised number plates and snapshots on local or central database
  • Relies on Vugarde2 VMS servers for live and recorded images
  • Process video streams from multiple VMS servers


Recognises number plates from over 50 countries including:

Argentina (AR)

Australia (AU)

Austria (AT)

Azerbaijan (AZ)

Belgium (BE)

Bosnia Herzegovina (BA)

Brazil (BR)

Brunei (BN)

Bulgaria (BG)

Chile (CL)

Columbia (CO)

Czech Republic (CZ)

Denmark (DK)

Estonia (EE)

Finland (FN)

France (FR)

Germany (DE)

Georgia (GE)

Hungary (HU)

India (IN)

Indonesia (ID)

Ireland (IE)

Israel (IL)

Italia (IT)

Kazakhstan (KZ)

Korea (KR)

Kuwait (KW)

Latvia (LV)

Lithuania (LT)

Malaysia (MY)

New Zealand (NZ)

Netherlands (NL)

Norway (NO)

Philippines (PH)

Poland (PL)

Portugal (PT)

Romania (RO)

Russia (RU)

Serbia (RS)

Singapore (SG)

Slovakia (SK)

Slovenia (SL)

South Africa (SA)

Spain (ES)

Sweden (SE)

Switzerland (CH)

Taiwan (TW)

Tunisia (TN)

Turkey (TR)

Ukraine (UA)

United Kingdom (GB)

United States (US)

Vietnam (VN)


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