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TDSi has launched the new version of its EXgarde security and facilities access control software, which brings together all the different elements of physical security, across one site or across an entire organisation. As part of a full range of integrated security solutions, this powerful security software helps industrial producers and manufacturers to guard against intruders, protect and track assets, maintain a comprehensive security audit trail, protect lone workers and can even help to save energy by intelligently controlling heating and ventilation systems.

TDSi’s EXgarde 4.1 has been developed to provide a fully integrated security solution, which incorporates access control, CCTV and intruder alarms, with compatibility to popular company management software Microsoft Active Directory (which in turn links into other buildings control systems). Managing Director John Davies elaborated, “Industrial facilities have very specific security needs ­ from excluding trespassers to limiting access to dangerous or sensitive areas, protecting valuable assets and equipment or ensuring the safety of lone workers. These functions rely upon many different systems including CCTV, security alarms and controlled doorways. EXgarde brings together all these security strands in one place, enabling security and safety teams to monitor any situation and act rapidly if required.”

As a central portal to control all the security functions in one place, EXgarde provides a highly flexible way of bringing together these strands of security and linking them to Active Directory, providing a detailed authentication and audit trail. It is also available with a Software Development Kit (SDK), which gives the option to develop specific applications, offering even greater flexibility to find the ideal bespoke solution for individual security or wider business needs.

To add another layer of flexibility, EXgarde can also be integrated with TDSi’s VUgarde Video Management System (VMS). This accepts a myriad of different camera feeds and formats (such as MJPEG, MPEG4 and H.264 as well as HD & megapixel video streams from IP cameras, encoders and video capture boards). This makes it very easy to use existing CCTV cameras and systems, with a vast choice of current and older models to match most requirements.

TDSi ensures that the installation of EXgarde and its range of integrated security systems is straightforward and hassle-free, reducing any inconvenience on site. Smart cards and the accompanying readers can be networked to EXgarde using wired and wireless connections (both IP and RS485, using existing cabling if required) to suit any environment or need. Added to this, EXgarde has full integration capabilities with Texecom’s Premier and Premier Elite range of intruder alarms and Milestone’s video management software solutions to offer an even wider scope of system options.

As well as being totally flexible and suitable for all commercial premises, TDSi’s security systems also offer superb value for money and highly efficient running costs. Utilising switch-mode power supplies, its hardware is able to make considerable energy saving (a reduction of 40% over traditional power supplies) ­ saving costs and helping to adhere to ever-increasingly stringent green legislation. TDSi’s customers also benefit from its ability to offer all the integrated security components from one source, reducing delivery costs and simplifying invoicing and billing.

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