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TDSi's new EXgarde Security Software Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory

 14th Jun 2013


Exgarde_LatestPoole, 14th June 2013 ­ Security solutions manufacturer TDSi has launched the new version of its EXgarde access control software to bring together all the elements of physical security, linking them directly to Microsoft Active Directory. This powerful solution offers a centralised security portal that enables an operator to monitor physical access, whilst incorporating CCTV feeds and emergency alarm triggers for a complete view of any security situation. By integrating with Microsoft Active Directory, EXgarde gives any organisation the ability to synchronise its employee database and IT security protocols with the physical security of its facilities, to ensure complete visibility and control over all parts of the business.


TDSi’s EXgarde version 4.1 was developed in recognition of the growing convergence of IT and buildings management systems, as IP connectivity unites traditionally disparate security and IT functions. Convergence brings clear client benefits in terms of information superiority, flexibility, scalability, cheaper implementation using common infrastructure (often financed from shared budgets), and increased control by utilising and sharing resources.


As a central hub for integrated security systems, EXgarde 4.1 offers greater synergy not only with core business systems, but also with existing security facets. The software features full integration with a number of other physical systems including Milestone’s Enterprise and Corporate video management software and Texecom’s range of alarm systems, as well as TDSi’s own VUgarde2 IP CCTV software.


TDSi’s Managing Director, John Davies, commented, “The IP revolution has been as pervasive in the security industry as every other. The domineering use of IP systems for most security functions means that it is obvious and highly beneficial to centralise it with all the other business systems. TDSi’s EXgarde 4.1 offers a highly integrated way of tackling all the physical security needs of any organisation in one place, making it much easier to integrate with logical security and central business data. With direct links to CCTV feeds (through Milestone’s software or TDSi’s own VUgarde2 CCTV management software), along with input from Texecom’s alarm systems, EXgarde 4.1 can then collate this information and rapidly alert security staff whilst sharing it with Microsoft Active Directory. Any breach can also trigger IT system protocols that control the level of access available in certain areas, to minimise the possibility of unwarranted removal of data.” 


TDSi’s development of EXgarde 4.1 focussed on the crossover of the IT and security functions, which have become commonplace in many organisations. John Davies added, “There is a new emerging breed of security manager who is likely to have a good, broad knowledge of the business organisation and IT functions, as well as the various security disciplines. In many cases this is becoming a dual role for the IT manager, so being able to incorporate both functions means integration needs to be straightforward and highly compatible. EXgarde 4.1 was designed exactly to meet these needs, seamlessly bringing the two halves of the role together so that there is a constant, reliable and intelligent solution in place to ensure that the organisation benefits from this convergence, realising the full benefits of its investments, rather than it causing a headache.” 


EXgarde 4.1’s central aim is to capture the details of a security event, to alert the security team and to gather detailed records for compliance and review. In the case of the CCTV integration, users can view live video from any camera within the EXgarde Explorer window, so an incident reported by the access control system or by the triggering of an alarm panel, for example, can immediately be investigated visually. This is further enhanced by automated Video Verification. For example, when specific events are generated (e.g. access is denied on a reader) a window will pop-up displaying live video from a chosen camera. The operator can then choose to unlock the door from the pop-up window if they are certain access should be granted.


Specific events can be tagged as they occur (or during playback) so an incident can be thoroughly investigated. This makes the review of recorded footage simple ­ when the tagged events occur in the event list the recorded video can be played back corresponding to the event timestamp. EXgarde 4.1 also makes searching for recordings of incidents easier with recording being searchable by date and time through EXgarde Explorer, without the need to flick between disparate pieces of software. Results of any investigation can be shared with Microsoft Active Directory to give a full picture of the circumstances and a wider context to a potential security breach.


For easy use and installation in a wide variety of applications and locations, TDSi’s EXgarde 4.1 software is compatible with 32-bit/64-bit Microsoft Windows® 7, Windows® XP and Windows® server 2003/2008, and supports numerous communication methods including TCP/IP, dial-up and GSM modems.

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