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30th September 2013

The heady summer days have mellowed and the weather has turned noticeably cooler, with the daylight hours fading ­ change is in the air.  In the world of business it’s a time of year when things start to ramp up again!  Everyone is back from holidays and it’s the start of an important trade show season And  TDSi exhibited at  IFSEC South East Asia show in Kuala Lumpur earlier this month.  If you have never been to this vibrant city I would recommend that you do, it encompasses much of the frantic urgency that the area offers and it’s an event that shows just how busy the security market is in the region.  The TDSi trade show tour continues with our presence at APS France this week and a visit to the CPSE China show at the end  of October. Again this is an event that has a real buzz about it and is a great indicator of why TDSi feels that Asia is such an exciting market for our security solutions.

Closer to home I mentioned that we’re at the APS France (24th-26th September).  The French market is another highly important one for us and our regional office in Paris recently celebrated its 15th Anniversary.  We have long understood that because people buy from people it’s vital to have a strong presence in any territory you want to trade in.  TDSi France has a great relationship with distributors and installers across the country.  French people are (rightly so) proud of their language and heritage and offering local expertise and knowledge to French businesses in their own language is an important step to succeeding.  Equally, TDSI France provides a portal to a wider French speaking market which includes other parts of Europe and many parts of North and West Africa.  With the traditional August holidays in France, September is a very important return to business month across the board ­ although I am proud to say our French office maintains the highest standards of service throughout the year!

September is also a month where the new school year starts.  We can all remember the mixture of excitement and trepidation over starting a new class or school.  In many ways this month is one to set new goals and targets.  It’s quite a while since I was at school, but nonetheless I see September as an excellent time to consider my next goals and that of the business.  If you have read this blog before you will know that I have really got back into my running and have become a keen runner again.  There are the obvious health benefits but also a sense of wellbeing that comes from the discipline and determination to reach your goals.  In my case, the next goal is the Bournemouth Marathon Festival (BMF) which takes place on 5th and 6th October.  Whist some runs can be quite solitary affairs, the BMF is far from that!  People come from all over the area to test their mettle ­ to set themselves a goal and to achieve it as best they can.  It’s as much about mental fitness and determination as it is about being physically fit.  I ran a marathon leg at the Challenge 104.8 event a few months ago but I haven’t been resting on my laurels ­ running is a discipline like so many others that requires constant honing to keep your ability sharp.  And talking abouit resetting goals in September, I’ve set my next physical challenge goal for after the Bournemouth Marathon.  TDSi will be entering a team at a Tough Mudder event in West London on April 26th next year.  Some other local businesses have done the same ­ there’s nothing like a bit of competition to give you an extra edge and hone your determination to succeed.

Running a business is very similar.  TDSi has had a remarkable year, including a 20% rise in turnover during the first quarter of 2013 (over the previous year) and a notable eight new members of staff in the UK.  We even held a Summer Party recently at the stunning coastal setting of Branksome Dene Chine near Bournemouth to celebrate.  But as a business we aren’t resting on our laurels either.  Past success does not necessarily equate to future growth so like my running I am looking to ensure TDSi stays in peak physical fitness, that the team is able to build upon our previous success and use this momentum to propel us into what I think will be a very exciting 2014.


John Davies

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