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7 November 2013

I am never shy of talking about how proud I am of the team at TDSi. Helen Keller (who should be an example to everyone of what can be achieved with the right effort) once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” I make no apology for quoting such an inspirational person, I truly believe that having a good team makes your business far more than just a sum of its parts. It’s why, as a business, we make a lot of effort to ensure we all work as a united team, with every person being an essential component in our on-going success. This gives the perfect base to extend this ethos to our invaluable partners and customers ­ the TDSi ‘team’ extends much wider than the walls of our offices in the UK and abroad, it’s a key part of a much wider business.

Speaking of our team, it’s been growing again! I am delighted to say we have recently taken on three new apprentices. Stephanie Herridge is working with our Finance Department, Amanda Wright is assisting the Product Development team and Hannah Collins with Operations. We have also welcomed two new members to our Customer Care team, Louise White and Dan Clark. Customer Care is a vital role for any business, we all know that often it is receiving the right assistance when its needed that really makes you appreciate a good business and nurtures customer loyalty. No business can ignore the needs of its customers and TDSi recently embarked on an extensive Customer Satisfaction Survey which is designed to give helpful and honest feedback on what we do really well and to highlight any areas that could be further improved. It’s always interesting and useful to hear what customers have to say, not only because it helps us to refine and target our energies but also because learning what you do well is a massive confidence booster for the team and makes us all happier in what we do.

With November upon us, the team at TDSi is already thinking about the approach to Christmas and New Year. We already have our Christmas Party booked ­ an annual event that shares the festive cheer and provides an excellent excuse for the team to get together, reflect on and celebrate the success of another year. At the end of October the team at the TDSi Poole office also took part in the Wear it Pink event for breast Cancer Awareness and following this fundraising theme we are also holding a Tea for Victory Party on 13th December to raise money and awareness for Prostate Cancer UK. Looking forward, a 14-strong group of keen TDSi volunteers has already signed up for the Tough Mudder event on 27th April 2014 ­ which promises to sort the girls and boys from the women and men! It’s a great sign of the level of camaraderie that TDSi has achieved.

Away from the office we have had a great few months of visiting the wider ‘team’ ­ that is the international network of partners and clients that help to make TDSi the success that it is. Recently we visited the CPSE show in China, we also appeared at IFSEC South East Asia and our Export Director Alan Hardy will be visiting existing and potential partners across EMEA. We are also reaching out to our partners in Singapore and Australia with a series of training seminars which are taking place at the moment, offering instruction on the latest TDSi products and the potential and benefits of security integration. We always make the effort to include the wider TDSi team but it’s always nice to be able to visit and speak to our overseas partners face to face on a regular basis, a reminder of what we can achieve together!


John Davies

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