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Database Integration

Our range of access control database integration tools allows seamless integration between the access control systems and third party database applications ­ such as the School Information Management System (SIMS) used in the education sector to record staff and student data.

Effective database integration allows data to be entered only once for multiple applications - delivering savings in terms of time and cost, as well as reducing the risk of error from entering data more than once. Integration leads to improved efficiency and more cost-effective operation.

Microsoft Active Directory

EXgarde 4.1’s Integration with Microsoft Active Directory enhances security and reduces the time involved in managing the physical and logical access world by improving the interaction between them. A seamless link between EXgarde 4.1 and Active Directory ensures the access control system can be automatically updated when changes are made within Microsoft Active Directory and that records remain fully synchronised.

Working in conjunction with Microsoft’s Active Directory gives security systems much more flexibility and those working with them access to the most up-to-date staff files. For example, restrictions on the use of an IT system can be further secured by restricting login if users aren’t physically in the building. This has the added benefit of preventing tailgating, which boosts security and ensures there is a true record of staff in the building and their movements.

The Active Directory module of EXgarde 4.1 runs as a service on the system. Combined with a configuration tool, it then allows the security team to select which domain and tree within Active Directory will be used. The result is that those people who work remotely via secure links are not affected by the physical access system, providing a highly tailored as well as simplified tool.

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