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Where We Started

TDSi is proud of its heritage and since our formation in 1982 we have carried on the traditions of innovation, quality and customer service. Take a look at the timeline below to see some of our key milestones.


Came from ITR, who manufactured time and attendance equipment. At the time TDSi was the first and only microprocessor-based time recording equipment maker. The product name at this time was TIMELORD.

We generated our own MICROCARD technology along with readers and cards (where each number of the card was unique) never producing duplicate cards.


TDSi then took the MICROCARD card technology that had developed within TIMELORD and turned it into an access control product, named  MICROLOCK. At the time, unbeknown to TDSi this product was unique, there was no other product in the marketplace similar to this.


We created an OEM with Chubb, the Chubb ENTA CARD system was the TDSi MICROLOCK.

Our next product ­ developed primarily for the American market and was known as the MICROLOCK System 2. This was a more sophisticated access control system and over its life was extended from a 2 door system to a 4 door system. The prime move around system 2 was to allow to interface to other reader technologies; i.e magnetic, Weigand.

We then acquired a company called Sarasota Revenue Systems and developed a whole range of revenue based products. Be it card or coin, for the typical application of Universities.


TDSi then embarked on a new platform which was the EX series platform, this was using processors with faster RAM, allowing us to achieve better reporting. This was primarily made because we were running with ULTRAguard on the systems side of the business we then moved over to a slicker EXgarde.


EXgarde was created to cope with the faster processing power and so forth to give better reporting times. We then moved to OPTICA, which was an optical switch keypad around the EXprox reader technology.


After this, the MICROgarde controller came along. This was primarily developed to appeal to lower door costs and a move into digital readers. As was the Exprox, which came around at the same time. We designed a system software for MICROgarde which was free and could be used in conjunction with the MICROgarde hardware.


Current Managing Director, John Davies joined TDSi in 2003 when it was owned by Norbain SD Limited and led the buyout of TDSi from Norbain in February 2005.


TDSi moves into Biometric reader technology with the launch of the DIGIgarde range of readers 


TDSi moves into IP CCTV Surveillance with the launch of VUgarde which includes video management system and ANPR.

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