Using your Integrated Access Control for a Lockdown
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Using your Integrated Access Control for a Lockdown

 1st Nov 2016


Sadly, we are living in uncertain times and the levels of security that used to be the preserve of military and political establishments have become far more relevant to civilian life as well. One of the key aspects which is coming to the forefront of commercial security systems is the lockdown function – the ability to seal key parts of any facility at the push of a button.


Fortunately, this most important of functions has become far easier to action thanks to developments in access control and integrated security systems. If your organisation already has integrated security system you should be able to include this facility with your existing investments!


How to enable a lockdown with your TDSi security systems




If you use TDSi’s powerful EXgarde PRO security management software you will be fully aware of the wide scope it offers for any situation. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that there are a couple of options for Lockdown using EXgarde and the first won’t cost you a penny:

  • The first option requires the latest version of EXgarde PRO, which allows you to upload a site map of any of the desired facilities in the security network. Once this map is installed, doors and access areas can be added as live components in the overview. It is then a very simple process – simply click on the access point you want to secure and access is instantly denied! This makes it very easy to lockdown any or every door to ensure intruders are either kept out or contained, depending on the needs of the situation and the policies in place to deal with emergencies.
  • The second option is a little more technical, but gives powerful results. Again this requires the latest version of EXgarde PRO and the generic intruder integration module (part number 4420-2501), which can be added to it. This gives the ability to integrate a wide range and number of different intruder detection systems into the mix. As long as the controllers used for access control each have a spare input, this can be wired back to a common physical button. When the button is pressed and held in this state, key access points can be turned off until it is reset – giving a complete lockdown.

It is worth noting, depending on the level of lockdown required, that there may be some additional wiring requirements. Also, there are different options to consider as to how the physical lockdown is achieved (either cutting power to the locks themselves or via the controller). The best option is to speak to your security installer/supplier to find out which are the most appropriate measures for your particular network and operational needs.


Planning for lockdown

Naturally the technology required to enact a lockdown is only half of the equation when it comes to combatting threats. Planning and procedures are also vital – with an action plan needing to be agreed so everyone (from your security team, to all the workers, visitors and the public security services) knows what needs to happen in the event of an incident.

It is also vital to get expert help when it comes to designing the best approach to lockdown – understanding which areas will be most vulnerable and how the layout of the facility can be used to your advantage when needed.

It is equally important to realise that in the event of an attack your security measures can be useful not only for your own needs, but also as part of a combined response with your neighbours and the wider community. Initiatives such as the UK Government’s Project Griffin look to combine the responses of different businesses and organisations to put up a united front.


Speak to the experts

Whilst TDSi ensures our technology is geared up for lockdown procedures, it always makes sense to speak to an expert installer or specifier to ensure your security systems offers the protection you need. Our network of professional installers can advise on how this technology can be best placed to help you.


For more details on how TDSi’s systems can provide your lockdown facility please telephone: 01202 723535.


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