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With high profile attacks and hijacking being an ever-present threat, transportation in general and more specifically air travel is arguably one of the most security-conscious industries. However, as well as being highly vigilant, airport security also needs to be flexible for passengers and staff, ensuring that the flow of travellers and workers are not impeded by the security measures designed to safeguard them. Whilst security concerns are as prevalent as ever, modern integrated security systems are making it easier for security operators to effectively police airports, using an array of modern technology to counter crime and potential terrorist acts before they are able to materialise.

How Can TDSi Help?

We have successfully delivered access control systems for transport networks across the world. Our products are proven in some of the world’s largest ports, railway networks, terminals, freight and distribution centres and are at the heart of many prestigious infrastructure projects.

With high levels of protection demanded by throughout the transportation sector, our systems provide benefits both to passengers and operators. Balancing the needs of passengers who require fast access and minimum disruption to their journey, with operators who need to provide safe and secure transport services, our integrated access control systems offer a wide range of benefits for projects of all scope and complexity.

Our products offer a host of options, including a range of highly secure, robust and reliable access control products, as well as a number of full integration options with other management systems ­ such as CCTV, fire alarm and intruder detection systems.

Monitoring Baggage

Baggage is a key consideration at airports. Integrated security systems, such as TDSi’s EXgarde PRO situation management solution and VUgarde CCTV monitoring application can monitor checked baggage - from registering the movement of items to intelligent CCTV monitoring, this detects anonymities of items or individuals in unauthorised locations.

Equally, security systems can help monitor hand luggage security checks, ensuring passengers do not stray from official channels or automatically close barriers if a threat is detected. In the event of a fire or similar emergency, busy passenger areas can be automatically configured to allow people to depart safely and orderly. Dangerous areas can be sealed off and rescue teams alerted if stray individuals remain within the danger area.

Like all public transport systems, airports have a potential threat from abandoned and unidentified baggage. Whilst passengers may innocently leave items temporarily, security teams need to be aware of them as potential threats. Intelligent CCTV monitoring is able to spot suspicious items and to assess whether they have been maliciously abandoned. This may not be easy for a human operator to achieve when monitoring a large site or number of sites.

Integrated security systems can also log individuals associated with abandoned items and tracked for a potential interception. Modern combined security systems, like TDSi’s VUgarde2 CCTV software solution in combination with its EXgarde PRO, integrated access control software, work together to provide a myriad of options with regards to the integration and co-operation between passive monitoring and proactive security systems (such as access control) to manage all security needs.

Tracking People

The movements of passengers, staff and visitors themselves are also key considerations for security. TDSi’s People Counter and Tailgate Detector offer an automated and intelligent way to track unusual behaviour (alerting on potential security risks) but also give an accurate analysis of passenger flow management. Boasting over 99% accuracy, the People Counter and Tailgate Detector can help to prevent unauthorised access to secure areas (tailgating or piggybacking) in one or more directions, working in conjunction with access control systems virtual mantrap (e.g. single doors) or real mantrap (e.g. airlocks and eGates).

For example, the People Counter can be used to prevent people from entering the air side of the terminal through the exit door (exit lane breach control). It is ideal for use at Immigration, automated passport check and automated aeroplane boarding areas. Equally, this solution identifies bottlenecks, helping to design better people traffic flow (to increase safety and passenger satisfaction) and to also help increase turnover generated in food courts, restaurants, shops and duty-free areas.

Protecting Assets

As well as passenger and airside safety, airports also contain many retail outlets, varying from catering and pre-packed foodstuffs to expensive duty-free goods and personal electrical items, which are equally at risk. Like all retail sites, shops and catering areas within transport hubs also contain large amounts of cash and other valuable items, so security systems need to be able to monitor, detect and help apprehend any criminals operating on site.

Perimeter Security

Elsewhere, airports equally suffer perimeter risks ­ be it potential thefts or indeed terrorism threats and even intruders that could be at risk from the dangerous operations of the site. Integrated CCTV and intruder systems are a vital part of protecting and monitoring often remote parts of the site perimeter ­ protecting the safety of not only passengers and airport personnel but also the general public in the area.

Case Studies

Transportation - Bristol International Airport (208 KB)
Bristol International is the South West’s largest airport and the 2nd fastest growing airport in the UK - 4.6 million passengers passed through the airport’s doors last year. Whilst rigorous security measures have always been in place, the increasing incidence of terrorist activities have raised the need for an even more stringent approach.

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