The right tools for the job
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The right tools for the job

 10th Jul 2018


As any security installer will tell you, a project installation is only as good as the systems you use and the professional expertise of the people fitting it. As sophisticated integration of security systems has become the expected norm in recent years, it is increasingly complex to find the right solution.


This unprecedented level of choice in the security market means it is vital to choose a manufacturer that understands the real-world needs and issues of installers and end users alike – something which TDSi has prided itself on doing for a long time!


Heritage and Foresight

TDSi was founded in 1982 and was one of the earliest companies to develop and produce what we today consider modern access control systems. In some industries, the number of years you have been trading is an obvious boast – just look at some of the longest-running iconic British brands such as Twinings (established 1706), Lloyds Banking Group (1765) Cadbury (1824) and Boots Chemists (1849).

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However, when it comes to cutting-edge technology, the age of the provider is not automatically an indication you should buy from that company today! What the examples above show is that longevity is about meeting the needs of your market here and now, evolving and refining what you offer to ensure you stay at the top of your game.


This is something that has always been at the heart of what TDSi does – we constantly strive to stay ahead of the curve and to ensure we offer precisely what our customers need and want at any given time.


The interoperability of security systems and access control at the centre of an integrated systems world is something which our R&D teams foresaw even 15 years ago, and we have been driving our products towards ever-increasing integration and universal compatibility ever since.


Tomorrow’s World

Because TDSi’s systems have been developed with a focus on integration and interoperability for a long time, these attributes are very much in the ‘DNA’ of many of our historical products as well as the very latest.

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TDSi’s software products, for example, feature a suite of options that are intuitive and easy-to-use for any integration and interoperability task. There is a comprehensive selection of compatibility tools that can be used with a broad spectrum of legacy software and hardware systems, with proven functionality that has been tried and tested as the technology evolves.


Much of the research part of our extensive R&D process is also conducted with our installer and end user customers as well. These are the people who understand the needs of real-world security and equally are the ones who will shape where developments go in the future.


TDSi’s systems are also designed to be as flexible as possible – ensuring they are much easier for security installers and integrators to use our technology and engineer the solutions their end users need and want.


Business Sense

Our systems are deliberately built with a broad capability to provide class-leading solutions, but we also design our systems to deliver decent profits for security installers too. At the end of the day, we all need to make a living as well as solving people’s problems - which is why we are all in business!

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TDSi completely understands the business aspect of the security industry as well and this is a key part of what drives our business. It is part of our ethos, not just peace of mind for end users, but also making it easy for installers to meet customer needs and hit their sales targets as well.


Delivering the right tools for the job is to everyone’s benefit. Staying highly competitive and relevant to the security market has always been TDSi’s goal and we proudly continue to do exactly that.


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