The Importance of Training
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The Importance of Training

 6th Jun 2017


With any technology systems or product, training is essential, especially when it comes to modern integrated security solutions. Naturally, this means it is vital to get a training programme right. Mindful of this, at TDSi we regularly look at how our training works to ensure we are providing the support our partners and customers deserve.

Taking a closer look

Training - Percentages


We started looking at the way we offered training about seven or eight years ago, after we had closely studied some statistics gathered by the TDSi Technical Support team from calls we had received. Interestingly, at the time the stats showed that 30-35% of the calls were classified as a ‘lack of knowledge’ by the caller.


Naturally, this flagged up some concerns for us – installers were having issues installing TDSi systems effectively for want of technical understanding and advice. We immediately reviewed the manuals and support information we supplied with products and looked closely at the training we offered to ensure it was relevant, timely and easily accessible to the professionals that needed it.

The right fit

Training - Flexible Approach (2)


We overhauled our training programme completely to ensure it met the needs of our partners. This included not only the products we offered training for, but also the depth of information and how this could be linked to other parts of the programme.


Recently we have repeated this process to ensure our training programme continues to be relevant, user-friendly and valuable to our partners. The whole process is closely linked to our Partner Programme to provide the best support for everyone’s needs.


The TDSi Partner Programme offers three levels: Authorised, Gold and Platinum. On top of this, we supply products both directly to partners and also through distribution channels, so there are many combinations of relationship to cater for when it comes to training.

The flexible approach

Training - Flexible Approach (1)


Traditionally the approach to training very much followed the Partner Programme levels and for the vast majority of those involved, it worked very well. However, the market is changing and the knowledge needs change too, so our latest tweaks to the training programme reflect this.


All the TDSi training is now presented in modules, this helps to ensure the right topic is covered for the needs of the audience. Feedback has indicated that some partners now want access to broader module topics than before, so we have added greater flexibility to the modules on offer.


With this modular approach to training, installers can pick and choose which modules they want to attend, be that for a specific project or simply to widen their knowledge base. We believe this approach, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach is a valuable addition to our offering and support for partners.


For more details on the new TDSi partner programme and its modules, please contact your TDSi Account Manager today.


John Davies, Managing Director of TDSi 

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