The Considerable Advantages of Manufacturer Training
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The Considerable Advantages of Manufacturer Training

 20th Jan 2016


It’s often said that you never stop learning throughout your life, taking on new challenges and developing new skills is something we all do on a daily basis. Specific training is a real bonus though – being taught the full potential of something and how to use it is invaluable. This is definitely the case when it comes to security technology and as a manufacturer and developer of systems it’s something TDSi puts a lot of effort and resources into.

Of course there is a considerable amount of technical-savvy talent in the security industry - security installers and specifiers are some of the most technically brilliant and innovative professionals you could ever wish to deal with. But none of us are mind readers, so keeping up to speed with the latest and best products is a must – even if security installers make it look easy!



Free Training from TDSi

As part of our commitment to our partners and customers, we run a programme of free training at our Poole Office about our expansive product range. Naturally, when a new product or range is released we are very keen to ensure everyone involved in system design, installation, commissioning and operating is fully up to speed. We spend a lot of time and resources on developing new benefits, so we ensure that we educate the market on them!

As well as in the UK, we are rolling out a programme of training for our overseas partners and clients. We have recently run seminars in France and Southeast Asia following popular demand and will be confirming further dates in 2016 so we can offer this to more security installers. 



Reducing Installation Time

One of the obvious benefits of training is that greater knowledge makes it easier and quicker to install complex and powerful systems. One of the cornerstones of TDSi’s product catalogue is the ability to integrate with a wide variety of other systems from various manufacturers.  It goes without saying that this offers an unbelievable array of options and potential solutions – something which even the most knowledgeable professional can need help to master sometimes. This is where TDSi’s expert assistance can make a big difference.

Our technical team is available to help installers, specifiers and customers with queries – be this checking compatibility for an install, assisting with a commissioning or helping with extra details during a service or upgrade. This is our team that develops these solutions, so nobody knows them better!

We will show you how to make the most of TDSi’s systems and the best ways to use them, avoiding the fuss of having to learn the intricacies as you go along. 



Project Design Advice

We can help at an even earlier stage – offering expert advice on compatibility and the best solutions when it comes to project design and specification. This is useful when a completely new solution is being installed (the customer may want to ‘mix and match’ a range of different solutions from various sources) but equally we can offer in-depth advice on merging legacy equipment with the latest products from our catalogue.

It is important that project designs are practical and reliable, so expert advice and training is invaluable for specifiers and installers. Our training programme takes the guesswork out of the process and ensures projects can be designed to run on time and on budget – which is the best solution for all involved.


Additional Benefits

Participating in TDSi training and becoming a TDSi Authorised Installer shows your customers that you have the best and most up to date knowledge of the products your supply and fit. This is a significant message to give your clients and the promise of technical assistance, should issues arise, is a considerable value-add in a competitive market.

Additionally, TDSi offers assistance with tendering, insuring you have full back up and the most competitive proposition to take to your potential customers. In conjunction with authorised training, you have a highly compelling solution to take to market.

TDSi also boasts full CPD certification of our training programme and sessions. We are regulated and approved by the CPD scheme, which means you have full peace of mind that we will run a professional and informative programme of training that has the trainees in mind, rather than just basic briefing on the products. We take our commitment very seriously and aim to help you grow and nurture your business with us.


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