Tackling Employee Theft
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Tackling Employee Theft

 2nd Sep 2015


Whilst all businesses face external threats, sometimes it is the hidden vulnerability of employee theft that can prove to be one of the hardest to detect and prevent. Be assured though, this is a problem that the security industry takes very seriously and one for which there are highly effective ways to tackle using the latest in security technology.


A problem that effects everyone


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Employee theft can range from somebody in the organisation being a bit ‘light fingered’ with office stationary right up to the theft of huge sums of company money or assets. Whatever the level, it can be a significant drain on your company’s resources and will knock the confidence and motivation of your organisation and the team that run it ­ after all, they are all under the shadow of suspicion whilst a culprit is at large and any hit to profits is detrimental to everyone.

Any increases in costs will also affect your production margins and ultimately what you have to charge your customers­ something which can be very serious for any business looking to sustain growth and market share.


Taking the right approach


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The core problem with employee theft is that it abuses a level of trust which is necessary for the daily running of a business. So introducing draconian security measures will undoubtedly make conducting business more difficult and will certainly lower staff morale.

This is where integrated security systems can really help. Missing items or money will undoubtedly be discovered fairly quickly in a well-managed business - items and assets have to be accounted for. The trick is finding the culprit quickly and efficiently. Security systems which monitor access control, CCTV and record employee movements will offer the right assistance in doing this. 


The retail sector example


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The retail industry is a very good illustration of how integrated security can work in practice.

Take a Supermarket for example. With so many customers and staff moving around, the security system is geared towards detecting suspicious activity. These systems are useful in spotting theft and when used in conjunction with a powerful situational management tool (such as TDSi’s EXgarde software) it is straightforward to build up a full picture of the event and to document the activity recorded.

Restricted areas of the building can be monitored in just the same way as the public access parts of a facility. Employees won’t be overly aware they are being monitored (although importantly, it is a good deterrent to casual theft) and crucially, access control and security records will know exactly who they are and where they are in the building at any given time. This documented evidence makes it perfect for any disciplinary or legal action required. Equally, innocent employees can be rapidly removed from suspicion as well.

Integrated security systems are equally well suited to an office environment, industry and manufacture etc. Anywhere where staff have open access to assets can be monitored (to a lesser or greater degree depending upon the circumstances and assets concerned). The outlay for the security systems can be offset by the savings in retained assets, which is vital to any flourishing business.


Preventing misuse of security


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With the use of security tokens (for example access cards) there is always a danger that these could be taken by other employees and used to access to valuable items. Not only does this allow criminal employees to succeed, it could also points the finger of suspicion as innocent team members.

Two options to combat this are multiple-factor authentication methods or biometrics. Using multiple-factor authentication is very practical, perhaps using a combination of identity cards, a PIN number and fingerprint reader. At TDSi we offer all of these options in a single reader to ensure the individual gaining access is exactly who they purport to be. If an employee is entering a secure area, the security team can be sure of who they are and when they entered and left.

Biometrics (such as fingerprints or facial recognition) are also excellent alternatives because employees are unable to fake their true identity. They are also very quick and easy to use, so employees won’t be hampered in their daily tasks and honest members of the team can remain confident they won’t be under suspicion.


A cost-effective solution


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Using a software solution such as TDSi’s EXgarde is a highly cost-effective way to combat employee theft. With compatibility with a wide range of access control, CCTV and alarm systems, EXgarde can be incorporated into legacy security systems meaning a minimum outlay or rolled out onto a brand new site. In situations where employee theft could be prevalent or highly detrimental to the business it’s an investment that is well-worth making!



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