TDSi Launches Key Fob Reader System
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TDSi Launches Key Fob Reader System

 29th Jan 2010

TDSi Launches Key Fob Reader System

Access Control specialist TDSi has launched a cost effective, high performance, long range reader solution that delivers exceptional read ranges.

Using two-button key fobs which transmit a unique and highly secure encrypted code to a receiving unit, the system is ideally suited to applications such as car park entry and exit - where there is a requirement for remote barrier operation. The system enables both receiver channels to be connected to a TDSi access control unit, providing the ability to control two access points through just the one, two-button key fob.

As the unit is capable of operating at distances of up to 100 metres, the receiving unit may be remotely and conveniently located to suit individual application needs ­ for example mounted in a roof space or other discrete location.

Programming of the system is simple and straightforward. The fob may be ordered with or without an in-built proximity tag, which means it may be used not only for long range control of access points, but also for more regular access control around a building using TDSi proximity or keypad readers.

Each fob features a robust and stylish blue housing with blue LED indication to show when one of the metal buttons has been pressed. The receiving unit features a plastic housing with two Wiegand outputs, allowing the system to be connected to a wide range of access control units.

The key fob is available from stock now.


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