TDSi Introduces MIFARE Technology to DIGIgarde Range
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TDSi Introduces MIFARE Technology to DIGIgarde Range

 29th Mar 2010

Following the successful introduction of the DIGIgarde finger print reader, TDSi has now launched an extension to the range in the form of DIGIgarde Smart.

This new product allows cardholders’ finger print data to be stored directly on a MIFAREĀ® smart card, rather than on the reader itself, thereby allowing the user to retain possession of their biometric data rather than having it held by a third party.

Operation is straightforward. Users simply present their cards to the DIGIgarde reader which uploads their template and then matches it to the scanned fingerprint. If the scan matches the template, access is granted.

As data is not held by the reader, operation is fast (without compromising accuracy or safety) and there are no limits to the number of users. DIGIgarde Smart also effectively increases security by requiring two forms of identification to be presented ­ both card and finger.

Featuring a high resolution, 500 dpi optical finger print scanner with a wide presentation plane (+/- 90 degrees) and an ergonomic finger guide, the unit is comfortable and convenient for users, with fast and efficient enrolment ­ even for those with smaller fingers. DIGIgarde also incorporates a high speed matching algorithm, ensuring rapid and accurate user verification which is supported by both multi-coloured LEDs and sounder to give visual and audio feedback to the user on reader and access status.

Finally, for ease of integration and connectivity, a standard Wiegand output ensures that DIGIgarde may be directly connected to the majority of standard access control panels, with a choice of communication methods to the host PC.


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