School's Out for Summer!
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School's Out for Summer!

 29th Jul 2015


Anyone who is a parent or grandparent will be well aware that the school summer holidays are in full swing! It is a time when families holiday together and make the most of the (hopefully) warm summer weather. Equally of course, its an important time of year with regards to school facilities -the six weeks break providing the facilities team with an ideal opportunity for maintenance work  and improvements to the infrastructure and to ensure minimal disruption to staff and pupils.


The ideal time to consider improvements


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This makes it a perfect time of year for the education sector to ensure schools have the right tools in place for the job and also to ensure they are making the most of their existing security investments. It is also the ideal time of year for the security industry to help schools ensure they are up to speed with the latest and best solutions on offer.


The right tools for the job


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There are a wide range of security solutions that are very well suited to use in schools.  MIFARE security cards are a favourite because they not only grant ID clearance to enter school facilities, they can also be used as cashless payment or for the loan of library books. Equally, they are a great way to monitor time and attendance of pupils (and even staff!) - the details being fed straight into the School's Information System so admin and senior staff can instantly view this information, aiding reports and disciplinary action. When connected to the intruder alarms and CCTV systems this arms the school with a powerful integrated and highly flexible way to protect students, staff and property.


Another technology which is gaining popularity is biometrics ­ security readers that rely upon the individuals unique physical characteristics of the user to prove identity. The most common form used is fingerprints, which have been popular for quite some time. However, newer technologies such as facial recognition are gaining ground because they are highly efficient and reliable.


Protecting empty facilities


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The school holidays actually present another important consideration for schools' security ­ the protection of empty premises through the break. Any security considerations present outside normal school hours in term time are amplified when it comes to six or so weeks of people-free classrooms. It goes without saying that schools contain many valuable assets from computers to text books, but equally they can be a target for vandalism when the vast majority of staff are absent too. With so many buildings being empty for a considerable period of time this can be a real challenge for security teams to monitor. A subtle attack or theft could go unnoticed unless security is well managed. Realistically even the most thorough of security guarding teams is going to find it a challenge to closely monitor a large campus and this is an expensive exercise.


An automated and integrated system, using powerful software to monitor security at all the parts of the facility at once, will be able to alert the security team far quicker and more reliably than a human operator could. This also removes a significant time burden ­ a practical and money-saving benefit that doesn't compromise on security.


Savings from the latest technology


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Security systems are not isolated from the environment they are used in, so the latest technology is designed to offer schools far more than a direct replacement for older systems. Power saving is a key area here ­ TDSi's systems for instance use energy saving power supplies to ensure they are highly efficient, only using resources when actually necessary.


Our systems also integrate with a wide range of legacy security systems (alarms and CCTV cameras for example) and those of other providers, so introducing the latest security software doesn't mean ripping and replacing all your existing investments! This provides a variety of options to suit the individual security requirements of the school and its budget.


Intelligent security systems are also an efficient way to administer the wider power usage at a school. For instance the intruder alarms and CCTV can be used to control lighting and environmental systems within a building. So for instance lights can be turned off when nobody is using a specific area but switched on again when needed.  This is particularly useful during the school holidays, when many facilities will lie dormant for a few weeks. The security teams will be able to patrol when needed, knowing that lighting systems will be automatically activated when they reach each area and that energy won’t be wasted by lights being accidentally left on.


Speak to the experts!

Education is a key area for the security industry and there are many opportunities to find out how your school can benefit from the latest technology and updates. Often a review by expert installers will highlight where security can be improved or even where money can be saved through using fresh technology or processes.


With the ideal time looming to look at schools' security, do contact our team to learn more about the exciting options available which could help your budget as well as fully protecting people and property.  



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