Key Security Trends in 2018
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Key Security Trends in 2018

 23rd Jan 2018


In a recent blog, we reflected upon some of the long-term trends the security industry is embracing. Unsurprisingly though, we are already seeing some significant changes in the market even at the beginning of 2018!


Undoubtedly, 2018 will see the enhancement and development of some of the trends that started in 2016 and 2017. In many cases, we have seen confident early adopters investing in new technology, but 2018 is going to see these become more ubiquitous and mainstream.

Integration in all its forms

Integration will undoubtedly pick up its pace this year, but not just between different security systems and components – we will see data from different business ‘silos’ being brought together to give a better picture of any situation.


There is likely to be even greater use of ‘data mining’ techniques to learn the behaviours of organisations in finer detail.  This will make buildings and facilities more efficient and secure by using information that is sometimes ignored or overlooked!

Mobile technology

All the signs suggest we’ll see more take-up of mobile smartphones being used as security credentials in 2018. This is not just to open doors within a building, but also to interact directly with security systems and the business environment that is so crucial to the operations of any organisation.


Mobile smartphone use has already seen great inroads into the integrated home environment, becoming quite the phenomenon in recent years. Think of all the entertainment systems that can be run from a mobile device for example (not just hardware like Sonos speakers, but also iTunes and Spotify) – this technology has opened up the possibility and acceptance that these smartphones can be used as a crucial management device to run our lives.


Many of us spend eight+ hours a day in our work environment, so it makes perfect sense that this familiar technology will become central and ingrained here as well.

Changes in technology protocols

This year I think we are going to see far more adoption by access control companies of Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for readers, over Wiegand. Whilst Wiegand has been around a long time, there are more secure and modern technologies out there.


Undoubtedly, this change is being fuelled by the Internet of Things and intelligent devices. This has a knock-effect for access control as a whole – we should expect to see a greater number of intelligent devices at the edge of the network moving forwards.

Heading further into the cloud

Cloud-based (or managed) security services are likely to gain even greater popularity in 2018. This is a security procurement model whereby the security operator pays a provider a fixed fee each month and receives not only the hardware but also the support and upgrades as part of an ongoing package.


This will particularly be true in the SME space, where businesses are already increasingly availing themselves of Enterprise-level security systems, at an affordable price. Buying these systems as a service, rather than a huge operational investment cost, makes far more sense for budget requirements, both in the short and long-term.

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