Keeping People Safe with Track and Trace
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Keeping People Safe with Track and Trace

 30th Jul 2020


It is fair to say that 2020 has been completely different to the expectations most of us had at the beginning of the year. The global pandemic has shifted our reality this year, with commentators and society in general trying to wrestle with the world as it is today. Phrases such as ‘unprecedented times’ and the ‘new normal’ have been used ad nauseam, but undoubtedly we are far from the end of the disruptions that have affected the majority of 2020 so far.


Most countries have started to relax their restrictions, but in many ways we have reached an even more crucial stage now – the one where COVID-19 cases need to be controlled, isolated and swiftly contained to avoid the large scale lockdown restrictions happening again. We can all play our part in this, and at TDSi we have stepped up to the challenge, adding our expertise to the mix with our free-to-download and use Track and Trace module for EXgarde.

Security for safety

Tracking the spread of the virus and accurately alerting people who may have been in danger of infection has proven to be a highly effective way of containing and slowing its spread. Early on during the pandemic, countries such as South Korea found using smartphone apps an effective way of doing this, but any data systems that track movement of people are well placed to help.


TDSi’s Track and Trace solution came about when we quickly realised that our access control systems could be used to provide and process the perfect data to help track potential infections. Access Control by its very nature is about monitoring and determining who enters and exits a secured area. By extension of that, it is perfect for tracking and tracing potential contact with people infected with the virus.


Our EXgarde security management software has been developed and designed to manage security, but safety is also implicit in this too. Managing the security of a site is just as much about protecting people as it is about protecting assets or property, a great example being its use during an evacuation for a fire or similar emergency. Developing a specific Track and Trace function to help tackle the spread of a virus was a logical progression of this approach.

Protecting everyone

Whilst a number of countries have looked at national track and trace solutions, there is no reason why individual businesses and organisations can’t also monitor the movement and potential contact of people with confirmed or suspected infection. In many cases, this more localised level of track and trace is even more effective in mitigating potential issues quickly.


TDSi’s Track and Trace is perfect for this, and in the same way our security systems are suitable for any type of application, so too can Track and Trace be used to monitor secured areas at virtually any site. This includes retail premises, offices (from SMEs up to the largest multi-national Enterprises), factories/warehouses, utility sites (such as water supply/treatment and power generation facilities), along with the secured areas of transportation sites (railway stations, motorway services, airports and ports). Vitally it is also perfect in protecting people at healthcare and education sites (including schools, colleges and universities).


Because security systems are now so ubiquitous, an expansion module such as TDSi’s Track and Trace is perfectly placed to protect the maximum amount of people with a minimum of effort.  At any given time, EXgarde provides a quick but detailed view of how many occupants are within a designated area, with all the access events of any key holder. When used in conjunction with a HR database that records potential cases of infection, it is a very powerful tool indeed.

Embracing the new normal

The world around us has changed significantly over the last six months and is likely to stay that way for the time being, with some elements (especially improved cleanliness regimes and enhanced remote working where possible) likely to become long-term features of the way we live.


Undoubtedly many organisations (and many of us personally) were taken completely unawares by the pandemic and the underlying power the natural environment has over our society. None of us will want to be caught out again, so systems like Track and Trace will help us all be better prepared and able to function if the unexpected happens again. 


Security systems have always had a safety element attached, but modern integrated systems are showing just how wide a scope they can have in protecting us all from a variety of dangers.


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