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Intruder Systems

TDSi's EXpert intruder integration module connects the intruder panel to the access control system through inputs and outputs.

The intruder system can then signal to the access control system that it is currently set. EXgarde™ may then be configured to allow only those users who have the rights to unset the intruder system access through the front door, preventing users who cannot unset the system from accidentally triggering the alarm. This not only increases user-confidence in the system but also, reduces the risk of penalties from alarm monitoring companies.

The integration can also be configured to allow the access control system to signal to the intruder system if there are still occupants in an area, allowing the user to check that the area is clear before setting the alarm.

The resilient and reliable EXpert IO module also enables windows, door contacts and movement sensing devices to be monitored - with alarms being raised within the access control system should an abnormal condition be detected and allowing the operator to respond quickly to potential threats.

Texecom Intruder Integration

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Continuing TDSi’s mission to make integration seamless, integration of Intruder Alarm Panels is now available using true TCP/IP integration between the alarm panel and EXgarde™ to provide a comprehensive view of the alarm system and zone states from within the EXgarde™ Management Software.

Intruder events displayed in EXgarde

  • Any event raised on the intruder alarm panel - from system problems through to set/unset and full alarm events - are now displayed within EXgarde™ in the same manner as Access Events.
  • Alarms may be created from these events to control icons on the site plan, providing a more efficient operational view of the system.

Intruder zone status displayed in EXgarde

  • Intruder panels are added to EXgarde™ in the same manner as a Door Controller. From these panels, you can view the status of all the intruder panel zones to identify which ones are active or in fault condition and action them accordingly.

System status displayed in EXgarde

  • Identify the status of the Intruder Panel to see if it is set, part set or unset from within EXgarde™. This can be effective when checking the status of remote sites.

Remote arm / disarm from EXgarde events

  • Configure the system to allow the Intruder Alarm Panel to be set and unset by using your access control readers. The system can be configured to only be set /unset when authorised intruder operators present their credentials for added security.

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