Intelligent Energy Saving from TDSi
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Intelligent Energy Saving from TDSi

 17th Nov 2010

TDSi has launched an intelligent energy saving switch which gives commercial and public building operators the ability to make significant energy and cost savings.

Whilst a number of organisations (most notably hotel operators) already use ‘energy saving switches’, which allow lights and electrical equipment to be used only when a card is inserted into a wall switch, these devices have been proven to be only partially successful. Whilst they do require a card to be inserted, in practice, this can simply be a business card which can be left in place whether the room is occupied or not, with all the room lights and electrical equipment left on.

Recognising that this is essentially a positive, energy saving product, but one which has some fundamental flaws, TDSi has developed a new solution that will only operate when a designated MIFARE® or Proximity card is inserted.

Drawing on proven technology, the new TDSi Energy Saving Switch, which was launched at this year’s IFSEC exhibition, incorporates either a Proximity or a MIFARE® reader. Only when a specific card has been recognised, does the unit allow the electrical circuit to be completed, thereby allowing lights and other equipment to operate when the user’s card is inserted. The product also features a 30 second time delay, so that once the card is removed, lights remain on for a comfortable period ­ allowing occupants to vacate the room.

Not only can this technology operate in hotels, but it can also deliver real energy saving benefits to any public or private sector organisation. Schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, leisure centres and offices can all benefit from reduced costs, reduced energy consumption and an improved carbon footprint.

When used commercially, the MIFARE® option means that users can use a single card for a wide range of applications, including full access control, energy saving, cashless vending, and library services.


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