Integrated Access Control Solution for LV=
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Integrated Access Control Solution for LV=

 6th Jul 2009

Working in close partnership, leading access control systems provider TDSi and installation specialist CSG Fire and Security have delivered an integrated access control solution for five regional offices of LV= (Liverpool Victoria), the UK’s largest friendly society.

Established in 1843, LV= has offices around the UK. CSG undertook an access control installation programme at regional centres including Bournemouth, Brentwood, Bristol, Croydon and London.

Given that this was a large multi-site system with around 5,000 key holders in total, the specification called for a powerful, networked solution capable of integrating a range of proprietary systems that were already in operation in certain locations.

TDSi’s solution provides consistently high levels of access control across each site, whilst providing straightforward integration with the legacy systems. Delivering a high performance upgrade through a combination of the company’s EXcel 4 controllers, Optica keypad readers and Universal Decode capability, where necessary the solution allows other manufacturers’ readers to be easily incorporated as part of the network installation.

The scheme called for readers to be installed both internally and externally with 5,000 key holders in total needing to be managed. TDSi’s Optica readers were selected not only for their robust, vandal resistant housing, but also because the innovative LED keypad contains no moving parts and therefore delivers extremely long life, and low maintenance.

Similarly EXcel 4 controllers offer a very cost-effective integrated solution for multi-site applications such as LV=. Operating on a distributed intelligence basis, the EXcel controller retains all the system parameters so that in the event of a network connection being lost, the controller will continue to operate and make access decisions providing maximum security as well as peace of mind. The controller’s high capacity on-board database is capable of managing up to 18,000 users and so provides more than ample capacity for future expansion.

Jon Haines and Jerry Rowland headed the project from CSG. Jon said: “Working closely with TDSi, we developed an access control solution that met LV=’s needs now and into the future. TDSi offer an ideal combination of first class products, straightforward integration capability, reliability and great technical support. We are delighted with the installation ­ and more importantly so are LV=”.

Jane Moore, LV= Service Delivery Manager, said: “We have been very pleased with the solution to our multi-site requirement provided by TDSi and CSG. The system meets our current needs and provides flexibility for growth in the future”.

Finally, commenting on the programme TDSi’s Managing Director, John Davies, said: “This was a fantastic project to be involved in, working with one of the oldest and largest friendly societies in the UK. In close partnership with the team at CSG, we developed a very robust and effective solution, making use of our advanced range of integrated access control systems. I’m delighted that everyone was so pleased with the solution and we look forward to working with CSG to deliver the programme to other LV= locations over the coming months”.


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