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I/O Integration

A solution for all applications

Operating on pre-set inputs, the software can control a wide range of user-defined operations, for example: 


Could be activated when the first person enters, or the last person leaves the building, within defined time windows, saving energy and money.

Air conditioning

Such that the system becomes operational when a given number of people are in the building or a particular part of it - again reducing wasted energy.


All cameras, or those in specified areas, could be initiated when certain cardholders enter defined areas, or when intruder alarms are activated.

Car park

Once a given number of vehicles are in a car park, direction signs may be initiated to divert vehicles to alternative areas.

Fire alarm

All fire doors could be automatically opened in the event of a fire alarm being triggered.


Enrol and distribute users’ fingerprint templates to our DIGIgarde readers. Integration with other biometric readers is possible through additional modules.

Many proprietary building management systems require a high initial cost outlay for a complete systems package, the majority of which may never be required. However, EXgarde® PRO gives complete flexibility, allowing IO functionality to be added only as and when needed.

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