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In 2012, a group of four UK-based, world-class electronic security manufacturers united to create something never seen before - an alliance that brings together best-in-breed specialists collaborating to offer customers innovative security solutions and integration technology without sacrificing freedom of choice and forcing compromise. Through cooperative product developments, support and distribution partnerships and an open-arms approach to support, they are working to improve the customer experience for installers and end users around the world.

Collaborate ­ Innovate ­ Protect

Harmony alliance members are experts in their speciality. Each member brings their complementary expertise and unique solutions to offer customers innovative security solutions and integration technology coupled with the peace of mind that each part of the system will work together seamlessly. Looking in more detail at the product providers that will be backing the Harmony Alliance from day one: Elmdene International Limited specialises in highly efficient power supplies, sounders and magnetic contacts plus ancillary products; GJD is at the forefront of exterior detection equipment development alongside CCTV and lighting controllers; Texecom has established itself as an award-winning manufacturer of intruder alarm products, and TDSi is a major global supplier of integrated access control and CCTV systems, with several million cardholders benefiting from its solutions on a daily basis.

Clym Brown, a spokesperson for the Harmony Alliance, said: 'We believe that this high-level collaboration represents a major advance in the harmonisation of security product integration’. Working with integrators, the alliance helps solve problems, and ultimately, protect the lives, livelihoods and properties of our end-users.

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