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 7th Jun 2018


With security systems (like a lot of technology) it is often the basic ‘bread and butter’ items that make the biggest difference and yet can easily be overlooked. A good example of this is the humble Maglock.


If you work in security, the Maglock needs no introduction! But for the uninitiated, a Maglock (sometimes referred to as an electromagnetic lock or magnetic lock) is a locking device that consists of an electromagnet and an armature plate.


Although Maglocks are a relatively basic standard access control products, they are an essential part of securing doorways and entrances.

Advantages of Maglocks

Like Maglocks themselves, the advantages of using them are straightforward but vital:

  • Maglocks are easy to install. They have no inter-connecting parts which allows for a straightforward and quick installation process.

  • Maglocks are stronger than conventional locks. The rugged construction ensures they can resist more weight and more damage (such as people swinging or crashing into doors etc, be that deliberate attacks or misuse).

  • Maglocks are cost-effective to buy. Due to their popularity these products are reasonably priced.

  • Doors are prevented from sticking as there is no residual magnetism. Therefore, doors open easily when required.

  • TDSi’s Maglocks are attractive and feature a corrosion-resistant anodised aluminium housing. The lock doesn’t add an ugly addition to the facility!

As well as price, as a staple product Maglocks are straightforward to buy. TDSi usually has stock of a full range of these items (and other ‘door furniture’ and accessories) ready for next-day delivery.

Types of Maglocks

TDSi provides Maglocks to suit any installation project or type of doorway. There are however, some specific types of Maglock available:

  • Slimline – for particularly tight installation spaces.

  • Standard – suitable for most security needs.

  • Architectural – these are available in different sizes and weights to suit the specific architecture around the installation.

We also provide monitored and unmonitored variants to ensure the Maglock meets the operational and cost targets of the project.

Things to Remember 

Whilst Maglocks are a straightforward and highly reliable choice, there are naturally always variables in any security installation.


The location of the door being protected will undoubtedly affect the way the Maglock is installed. As mentioned above, the type of Maglock used will be dependent on the shape/size of the door and the surrounding walls and fittings.


Another important consideration is the materials used in the door itself and the surrounding walls/sills. Materials such as aluminium, steel, wood, PVC, glass or iron may all need different fittings and need to be secured in different ways, with different types of fastening.


The power supply availability is also a consideration for Maglocks. Cables may already be available in a nearby wall or they might need to be fed through the ceiling or even the floor. This makes a crucial difference to which Maglock gets used and how it is installed in the facility. TDSi supplies both 12V DC or 24V DC power supplies for use in all door applications.

Expert Advice

Whilst modern security systems are very much focussed on integration with one another, it still makes sense to source corresponding parts (such as Maglocks) from a one-stop supplier such as TDSi. This ensures you have everything you need for the job straight away!


As a manufacturer we have large stocks of all the Maglocks in our portfolio and can ship them to you or your project site very rapidly.


Why not speak to your TDSi Account Manager today to source all your essential security items!

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