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TDSi have launched a range of proximity and MIFARE readers, which include MIFARE Plus and DESFire technologies, for added security and flexibility.

The range of readers is an important addition to TDSi's product catalogue, as John Davies Managing Director of TDSi commented, “Readers are a staple ingredient for many security access systems, so we have listened closely to our customers, installers and partners to ensure these products offer exactly what is needed, to stay ahead of the curve with regards to real security requirements.”


MIFARE Plus compatibility was highlighted as a central component in the development of the new TDSi readers. MIFARE Plus and DESFire technology provides even higher levels of security, whilst maintaining the flexibility and affordability which has made the original MIFARE technology so popular. Research suggests that installing/upgrading and using the MIFARE Plus and DESFire reader technology can cut the threat from cloned cards by half. For a small difference in cost, the customer can achieve the peace of mind of a more secure platform.


With backwards compatibility and several variant combinations, the new readers also ensure previous card reading investments are not made redundant by an upgrade and are suitable for all applications. This also offers the option to operate different types of cards on the same network, continuing the use of existing cards where appropriate, until a full upgrade is ready to be implemented.