Frequently Asked Questions - and Answers! - Part 2
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Frequently Asked Questions - and Answers! - Part 2

 5th Oct 2017


Even professional installers need help sometimes! Whilst the TDSi Technical Support Helpdesk is always on hand to help, there are common enquires that we have received more than once.


In part two of this blog, we examine more of these FAQs and make suggestions that could help save you time and frustration:

"I am at a site with TDSi systems, but have never worked with your products before, what do I do?"

We would always suggest installers register for free TDSi training before working with our products. This means you will be familiar with our range and will have a greater understanding of the installation and servicing needs.


However, this may not always be possible/practical, so it is worth noting that all the support manuals are built into the TDSi EXgarde security management software – just select the ‘Help’ Icon. There is also plenty of online support and demonstrations via the TDSi website. Naturally, if you still have issues then do call the TDSi Technical Support Helpdesk on +44 (0)1202 723535.

"I haven’t used TDSi since the training and have forgotten some details that I need for a job!"

This is actually more common than you might think!


It is always worth keeping training notes handy when working on TDSi systems so you have a reference and reminders of key points that were covered. It is also worth asking colleagues who were also on the same training course – there is always greater combined knowledge when a number of engineers have trained together. You can always check the systems user manual too.


If none of this help, the TDSi Technical Support Team is available to give assistance with your queries and to fill those blanks in your mind! We are all human and having taken the time to train with TDSi, we will do our level best to help you and your customers benefit from this.

"I need to add new doors to an existing system, what do I do?"

If it is a new door Controller, you need to refer to the Homepage of the TDSi EXgarde security software and find ‘ACU Wizard’. Select ‘New ACU’ and the software will take you through seven steps to add a new door Controller and configure the doors.


If you are adding a door to an existing door Controller (on a spare slot), then you need to select the ‘Expert’ mode on EXgarde and adjust the current configuration to do this. For reference, it is worth checking the settings already being used on the other doors so you can ensure they fit the needs of the situation (such as the time a door remains unlocked etc).

"We have a fault on the EXgarde software, can TDSi Technical Support TeamViewer in to help?"

As you may know, TeamViewer is a web-based application that lets you view and remotely operate another person’s PC (with the right authorisation!). TDSi does offer this service but sessions are chargeable unless you have a Software Support Agreement in place with us.

"How do I add a new person?"

On the Homepage of the TDSi EXgarde software, you can find the ‘Keyholder Wizard’, which will take you step-by-step through the process.


If you need to add more advanced configurations for the Keyholder after this, you will need to access ‘Expert’ mode again, find the right person and alter the settings as required.


For further advice on FAQs and ways to resolve them, please also see part one of this blog. If you still encounter issues, then do call the TDSi Technical Support Helpdesk on +44 (0)1202 723535.

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