Embracing Global Demand for Excellent Access Control
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Embracing Global Demand for Excellent Access Control

 4th Jun 2019


Access control has always been big business in an unstable world, but right now there is some significant growth taking place in the sector which is very exciting indeed! Estimates from trusted sources are suggesting compound growth of between 6%-7% in the worldwide access control market over the next three years – a remarkable figure even for such a well-respected and important security sector.

The Bigger Picture

At TDSi we always have an eye firmly on the future, even if our main focus is on delivering the best products and services to customers right now. At first glance, the worldwide access control market growth figure of 6%-7% seems very high, but as an average figure, I have no doubt it is correct.


Naturally, some markets are achieving even greater growth, whilst others are somewhat lagging behind, and this is noticeable in the markets that TDSi focuses on. For instance, the UK and Europe are looking at around 5%-6% growth, whilst the Middle East is likely to enjoy 6%-7% and the Far East closer to 7%-8% over the next three years.


The reasons behind this are as complicated as the cultural and economic specifics of each region and indeed even each country’s market. But looking more broadly, the significant growth in the access control market across Southeast Asia and the Middle East is largely down to sheer economic growth. Many economies in Southeast Asia are growing at between 5%-6% - in Indonesia, it is an incredible 7%!

Technology Adoption

Interestingly, in long-established markets such as Europe, the UK and the US a lot of this predicted growth in the access control market is down to newly launched technologies being adopted to replace older technology – for both convenience and improved security.


Some of the key technologies appealing to Western markets are wireless access control systems and biometric systems. These improve both the levels of security and the ease of installation and usage once commissioned. 

Embracing Growth Through Partnerships

To make the most of new opportunities and significant growth forecasts TDSi has been looking closely at the partnerships we forge with other expert security providers – which has borne significant fruit already.


For instance, we are working closely with specialist provider ASSA ABLOY and its Aperio wireless door control systems to integrate our systems. We also work closely with expert provider SimonsVoss to ensure its powerful Smartintego integrated access control systems work directly with our own products. This close integration with other cutting-edge technologies ensures customers have even greater choice and can enjoy greater value for money in the security systems they invest their money in.


When it comes to biometric systems, TDSi offers our powerful DIGIgarde PLUS biometric fingerprint readers, but we are also well ensconced with Suprema and its superb biometric range and IDEMIA with is Morpho range.

Embracing Growth

With increased demand, there needs to be improved supply of the right products and TDSi is more than ready to embrace these healthy growth forecasts in the access control market. We are expanding our product portfolio, aiming to cater for every security market and look forward to growing our business along with global demand for the best access control!


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