EXgarde Now Compatible with Windows 7 and Vista
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EXgarde Now Compatible with Windows 7 and Vista

 9th Mar 2010

Access control specialist TDSi has launched an upgrade to its integrated access management software solution, EXgarde Version 3.0.4. The system is now fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate software suites, as well as Microsoft Vista Business and Ultimate, allowing users with these operating systems to take full advantage of the management, integration and control functionality of EXgarde.

EXgarde V 3.0.4 can also send selected events via SMS or to an e-mail account, in addition to a wireless PDA. This ensures that security operators are kept informed of critical events even when away from the EXgarde PRO workstation, allowing appropriate responses and actions to be taken immediately. This module, EXnotify, is available as an optional module for EXgarde PRO.

Proven in applications across the world to deliver outstanding access and integrated security systems management, EXgarde offers unparalleled integration capabilities, providing users with a flexible and dynamic platform. Through the use of a suite of database tools, EXgarde delivers seamless integration with a wide range of proprietary and bespoke systems such as Schools Information Management Systems (SIMS), HR, Payroll, Time and Attendance and CCTV applications ­ delivering the capability for complete building and security management and so the potential for considerable resource savings, in terms of both time and cost.

With an uncluttered appearance and the look and feel of familiar applications, EXgarde’s home page may be customised to suit each user’s individual requirements ­ for example, with shortcuts to specific areas of interest, or for tasks that only they have access to. Specific images or site plans may also be easily added to the homepage, if required.

For more information about EXgarde V3 and the full range of integration and compatibility options, visit www.tdsi.co.uk or call the company’s support team on +44 (0)1202 723 535.


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