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DIGIgarde PLUS combines all authentication modes ­- something you know (PIN), something you have (card) and something you are (finger) in one attractive and cost-effective unit.

Featuring a high-resolution optical sensor and an extremely quick matching algorithm, DIGIgarde PLUS gives maximum usability and is suitable for control of access points (that require a control of a large number of users and are subject to high a throughput of traffic) or Time & Attendance “clocking” stations.

The backlit tactile keypad, white-on-black display and dual-colour LED give the user of the product excellent feedback and an easy to operate local programming interface.


  • Operates stand-alone or in conjunction with Access Controller - Use the reader to control the door or alternatively integrate it into a full access control system providing real-time event monitoring and central system programming
  • T&A - Use the T&A functionality of the reader to allow users to clock-in and clock out
  • 1, 2 or 3-factor authentication - Gives you the flexibility to choose the level of security that matches your needs
  • Built-in Mifare ™ Card reader - Allows storage of the fingerprint template on a smart card. Use the card for other applications
  • Bypass card capability - Provides a means to grant access for those with badly damaged fingerprints
  • High-speed matching algorithm - Quickly scans and processes the fingerprint maximising user convenience
  • Integrated with EXgarde™ - Manage the capture and distribution of templates from the same software used to monitor and program your access control system. Use the SDK to integrate DIGIgarde PLUS with other systems
  • External reader input - Connect a third-party reader to allow a fingerprint template to be associated with a regular access control card
  • IP 65 Rated - For internal or external mounting
  • PoE powered - Removes the need to run a separate power cable to the reader
  • APB - Allows two readers to be used to help prevent security breaches
  • Custom message facility - Display user-specific messages on the reader to enhance user feedback
  • High-resolution optical sensor - Particularly suited for scanning small fingerprints
  • 2 line LCD display - Enhances user feedback and allows for simple programming
  • Tamper protection - Be alerted immediately to the reader being removed from the wall
TDSi Part No. 5002-0455
Dimensions 185 x 70 x 60 mm
Weight 550g
Operating environment IP65
Power supply 10 ­ 14V
  140 mA quiescent
  115 mA in sleep mode
  200 mA Peak
Sensor type Optical
DPI 500
Sensor resolution 640 x 480
Identification time < 2s
Enrolment time < 2s
Equal Error Rate (EER) < 0.01%
FAR <0.0001%
FRR <0.01%
Template Size Maximum 1.6 KBytes
Template Capacity 8000 fingerprints
User capacity 10,000
Log capacity 100,000
Sounder Speaker
LED’s Red/Green
Interfaces TCP/IP (port 4370), RS232, RS485,
  Wiegand Output, Wiegand Input, Alarm
Access Control Lock drive, Egress, Door Sense,
  ABA/Wiegand (26,34 bit) output
Time zones 50
Groups 5 (3 time zones/group)
Unlock combinations Up to 10
Configuration PC software or Embedded web server
Relays 1A at 30V DC
Languages English, French, Spanish, Dutch,
  Italian, Chinese, Arabic

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