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Cashless Vending

Smart card systems provide the ideal platform on which to integrate cashless vending systems into access control and security suites.

Utilising the proven MIFARE smart card as our chosen technology, our cashless vending solution delivers a powerful range of benefits for both users and system operators.

As well as being used for access control purposes (with the access control number either programmed into a sector or through use of the chip serial number ­ CSN), the MIFARE card can also be programmed with a monetary value for use with a cashless vending system. It can also be used for a whole range of other applications ­ library services, car park entry etc.

Integration to the cashless vending software application is also possible if the system uses an ODBC compliant database, allowing the cashless vending system access to, and direct use of, all of the users, cards and events within the access control system.

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