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Integrated Video Management

VUgarde monitor

Working with VUgarde 2’s CCTV management suite, EXgarde is designed with flexibility and user-friendliness in mind, containing several built-in interactive wizards to reduce installation and commissioning times.

Available in Express and Pro formats to suit different requirements, it supports multiple camera feeds and formats, such as MJPEG, MPEG4 and H.264, as well as HD & megapixel video streams from IP cameras, encoders and video capture boards. It gives operators easy access to live camera feeds and can alert them to an event with pop-up video. It also lets you set up pre-defined responses to incidents and tag events for reviewing later.

Meanwhile, its simplified user-management system can limit access to authorised personnel. Its functionality allows for further possibilities relating to fully integrating access control with IP CCTV and other security systems.


Milestone Integration

EXgarde’s integrated video management features are well suited to organisations already using Milestone’s Enterprise and Corporate video management software. Users can investigate access control problems visually via live video from any camera within the EXgarde Explorer Window. This is enhanced with Video Verification which displays a pop-up live video from a chosen camera in response to an event, such as access being denied on a reader. The operator can then unlock the door from the pop-up window if they are certain access should be granted.

Integration with Milestone’s systems is also ideal for event tagging and compliance purposes. Incidents can be investigated both live as they occur or during playback, and tagging allows for quick and easy reviewing of recorded footage by date and time, without the need to flick between different software interfaces. When the tagged events occur in the event list the recorded video can simply be played back corresponding to the event timestamp.


DVR Integration

IP-VideoWe provide seamless integration to a number of DVRs from top manufacturers, as well as our VUgarde IP video management software that allows the viewing of live and recorded footage through a true client-server application platform.

This fully integrated system allows users to display live view from any system camera within the access management software, giving the operator an immediate view of a situation. Furthermore, the system can be configured to pop-up the live view pane when a chosen access control event occurs - with the facility to compare this against a stored database image. This allows the operator to compare the real image of the person attempting to gain access against a stored image, allowing for a visual verification to be made before releasing a door.

The system can also write access information against a recording, allowing the operator to perform time and text searches; the resultant footage can then be displayed within the access management software. This saves having to potentially search hours of footage to locate the item of interest.

Finally, the in-built alarm manager feature of the EXgarde™ software can be used to raise an alarm when an access control event occurs, enhancing the system security yet further.

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