A Grand Security Tour of Southeast Asia and Australia
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A Grand Security Tour of Southeast Asia and Australia

 17th Oct 2017


I recently returned from an extended trip to Southeast Asia and Australia, which proved to be highly productive but also very enjoyable! The ‘Far East’ as it is traditionally known in the UK, is a regional market that has grown rapidly for TDSi in the past and continues to do so with no signs of slowing down.


Enviable growth

I spent a lot of time on this trip in Malaysia and Singapore, but also down in Australia and Japan. It’s heartening to see the economies in Southeast Asia continue to grow at a good pace – Malaysia and Singapore are both averaging about 5-6% growth each year, with Indonesia and Philippines growing at about 6-7%.


Naturally, this means there is a healthy investment in building projects, with lots of office space and factories being key, along with large infrastructure projects (such as Metro systems) also being developed to keep pace with population and economic growth.

Enticing security opportunities

This all means that the market for security systems continues to grow. As a supplier we are particularly aware of a lot of interest from the transportation infrastructure sector – an area which has obvious security needs to combat the likes of terrorism, vandalism or theft.


In Malaysia for example, mass rapid rail transport schemes are particularly growing and flourishing. In China there is also a big increase in high speed rail systems – which are leveraging the expertise that TDSi has developed with our Chinese partners.


The stable Australian market

The Australian economy (which is often held aloft as a prime example of one which tends to weather most global economic difficulties and avoids recessionary problems) has slowed a little but is still a very strong market for security systems. With a robust economy built on selling raw materials for manufacturing to many other regional countries (notably China), it’s a great location to be trading in for the long term.


Australia is seeing some particularly interesting projects using TDSi products to secure prisons and other correctional facilities. Our access control technology is being interfaced with prisoner movement management systems to ensure security and containment of any dangerous elements.


As well as maintaining security, this is also designed to help prison management companies drive more efficiency into their operations. By interfacing various security and administration systems together, it provides a much broader and detailed view.


Whilst I was visiting TDSi Australia we were also exhibiting at The Security Show in Sydney, following a move from its previous location in Melbourne – which seemed to be popular with many visitors. As always, it was a great show! The visitor footfall was very impressive and we were excited to meet with our local partners and customers at the event.


This made for a particularly interesting part of my journey, along with the warm Australian weather and hospitality!


The Japanese finale

I finished my extended tour with a visit to Japan – which included talking to some technology partners who are interested in taking TDSi products into their portfolios and selling through their reseller networks.


It was a very positive way to finish my tour on behalf of TDSi and gave me just enough time to take a holiday up in the mountains, to really enjoy the stunning scenery that Japan has to offer!


Whilst I was there, I reflected on what a diverse and exciting region Asia Pacific is. The opportunities continue to present themselves to security providers that are prepared to build a network of partners and supply customers with exactly what they want.

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